Recovering data from WD World Book Dual Bay Raid 1 – to Synology

I run a small office at home and use a NAS for office backup, photo archive and a 300 CD collection (all FLAC files used on a home wide SONOS). After 8 years the WD World Book Dual Bay Raid 1 NAS has died. Will not power up (and also lost several other powered stuff around the house (such as the router) probably due to a power surge. I plan to buy a new Synology DS218+ with bigger drives than the WD. Other back ups for the office I have so no issue there but I would like to try and recover the CD files and photos. I assume the WD drives are OK. If I put one of the old NAS drives into an enclosure will my laptop read the files and allow me to copy these across to the new NAS? Your comments are very welcome. Best regards.


You have decided correctly. The DS218+ will be a very god choice because it can cope with FLAC audio files and connect with SONOS. It will also similar to WD dual bay – mirror the drives to have this one drive failure protection.
Moving your data to a new NAS will not be that easy. If you had a backup of all files then you could just move the drives and copy the data on them. But if you want to use one drive from a RAID you will need to have a little bit of Linux knowledge.
If your old NAS was still alive, you could copy the data, but not now.
You can try to connect them directly to a PC and try to access the data, but probably windows will not see it. But give it a try.

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