Safest backup NAS option with quick rebuild

NAS for Backups

Looking for a NAS system to use for backups. I’ve been looking for either Synology or QNap.

Synology 8 Bay NAS Diskstation (Diskless) (DS1819+)

My main concerns are support, ability to rebuild arrays after a failed drive. One thing I’ve read is people complaining that they are being told to purchase a new unit or not able to build back the array sets.

Looking for reliability and support

All of these NAS models are good options for backing up data. In the past, there might be some subjects about bit rot or similar problems. But nowadays RAID also is being checked by internal functions making the rebuild process safe. Rarely another drive fails during the rebuild, but it is very unlikely situation and can be prevented by using RAID6 or RAID10 or simply having regular backups. Synology is working on faster re-build times so my choice would be Synology for that reason.

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