Scalable NAS for video editing

Scalable NAS for video editing

I manage a small video editing/distribution company and am looking for budget conscious solutions for a scaleable NAS solution starting with 800TB.

We need to be able to have the NAS fast enough to for multiple editors (up to 5) to work off the NAS in Premiere, and encode multiple mezzanines. We will also be doing file delivery over internet from the NAS via desktop workstations.

In the past we have been working off direct attached storage because it fit our scale, however looking ahead we’d like to look for a more scale-able solution. Would love to hear your thoughts for what scale-able NAS options would be available for me in the video editing field.

I would recommend TVS-EC2480U-SAS-RP R2. It features caching M.2 slots, dual 10GbE and SAS drive support. It can also be expanded with scale-able option REXP-1620U-RP giving you maximum of more then 2PT of storage.

You can have around three 4K editors per each 10G port. TVS-EC2480U come with dual 10GbE. This means, that you don’t need to add any extras. But later on you add multi port 10GbE or even 40GbE cards using available PCIe slots. If you do prefer SFP connection, you can also install dual port network card of this kind.




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