Short depth 1u NAS with 10GbE option for Plex

1u with 10gb option

I really enjoy the website and the youtube videos talking about NAS’s im fairly new and have built a rack for my gear, and looking for a nice short depth 1u NAS that works as good as my DS918+ i am currently using.

im not particular on the brand as i don’t use any of the software outside of plex on my synology currently.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..

Qnap TS-451DeU was a hope to be a short depth Plex NAS with 10GbE. But they decided not to add PCI slot nor 10GbE port. It would perform similar to DS918+ with a better graphics chip.

But if you need 10GbE then there are deeper depth options bellow:

RS819 Realtek RTD1296   Size (Height x Width x Depth) 44 mm x 478 mm x 327.5 mm  (No 10GbE)

RS1619xs+  44 mm x 480 mm x 518.6 mm  Intel Xeon D-1527

RS820+  Intel Atom C3538  44 mm x 480 mm x 492.6 mm

TS-451DeU  Celeron® J4025 dual-core  43.3 × 430 × 294.9 mm (No 10GbE)

TS-453BU  Seleron J3455 4-core 1.5GHz  (HxWxD) 44 x 439 x 499 mm


I hope this helps.

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