Simple NAS for Syncing Google Drive Accounts

Simple NAS for Syncing Google Drive Accounts

I would love any advice/recommendation on my first NAS. I will set it up for my family, to be used for:

– Keeping a local copy of ~3tb of Google Drive data (across several different accounts)

– Storing some ripped DVDs, casting them to TV? (optional, I don’t want to spend much more for this)

Small and cheap as possible is much preferred. What’s the lowest-price device I could get that could perform these tasks effectively?

The cheapest solution will from Synology. Simple DS119J will do the magic. You can also have Qnap TS-128 which is slightly more expensive but it will feel faster and offer more functionality. If you want some more of reliability then 2-bay models will allow one drive failure protection keeping your data safe.

Synology DiskStation NAS DS119J 1-Bay (256MB RAM)   £81

Qnap Desktop NAS TS-128A 1-Bay (1GB RAM)               £103

Qnap Desktop NAS TS-228A 2-Bay RAID (1GB RAM)      £131

Synology DiskStation NAS DS218j 2-Bay (512MB RAM)  £133

Synology DiskStation NAS DS118 1-Bay                              £136


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