Soundproof cabinets for NAS

soundproof cabinet

Hi there, been trawling through your videos, came across the one about noise, which I hadn’t considered. I have no choice but to plonk the NAS right next to my TV so was wondering if you’ve ever done a video on cases? If not, could you recommend a good one?Preferably wall mounted or point me at a good company perhaps?


I have shortlisted a few of the best-looking sound-isolating cabinets that can be wall-mounted.

I hope this helps.


Mini Acoustic Racks




Acoustic Cabinets


Reduce noise and manage heat — all in one cabinet


  • Make IT-equipment whisper-quite – reduce noise by 31dBA.
  • Innovative airflow design achieves a staggering 12-kW heat dissipation.
  • Integrated environmental monitoring system.
  • 19-inch M6 rails are fully adjustable.
  • Generous cable management space is built in.
  • Accommodates all leading servers, including blade servers.
  • All doors and panels quickly remove and refit, making maintenance easy.
  • Manufactured to IEC 60297 specifications.
  • Clever accessory set.
  • Warranty: 2 Year Double Diamond™ Warranty (Standard)


Soundproof Server Cabinets and Acoustic Server Racks






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