Syncronise two NAS across the internet

I have seen various of your youtube videos on Synology and Qnap which are the 2 competitors. I have also seen both of their operating systems…I am an Apple user…therefore, its seems that Synology is best suited…Basically I will be saving information in the cloud with a NAS setup in the USA and my son with a setup in Czech Republic. We are looking at a 4 bay nas. Where I can backup in the Czech Republic NAS and my son in mine in the USA.. This way we would have 2 local drives and 2 “external” drives each…I suppose this is possible. Having said this…Besides, documents, we would like to store music, and movies I was checking the ds918+ but I was also checking the Qnap TS451+
Having indicated this, are you aware if these 2 models will have a substitute for 2019.. I know Synology is having their meeting in NYC in Oct.11 and I wanted to wait to buy the latest model.
Also , is it possible to have the synology hybrid…in the setup I mentioned ( locally and Czech Republic) ? or it can only be done locally?

The Qnap alternative to a DS918+ would be TS-453Be. It will have exactly the same performance benchmark. The 451+ is a slightly weaker option but still capable of this task (comparison).

Bot of these are very popular NAS options and therefore feature remote data replication service. Synology will be easier to set up. And Qnap will allow you to configure a bit more of the settings.

Synology remote synchronization works wit heir app called Cloud Station ShareSync .

Qnap will allow you to do the same things with an app called Hybrid Backup Sync.

Both NAS systems are Windows and Mac compatible. Synology association with Mac have become popular because of the way how simple things can be done.

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