Syncronized backup with Qnap NAS

I use a Qnap TS-453 Pro (4-bay) as a primary workplace in a small firm. We use external (outside office) backup, but the recovery process is kind of cumbersome and time consuming. Thus, we want an additional internal (in-office) backup of our current NAS, and I am thinking about buying the Qnap TS-128 for this purpose. It’s only purpose will be to synchronize with our main NAS every night (about 500 GB of documents and spreadsheets). Will it do the job?

TS-128, as well as other Qnap NAS, will support RTRR (real-time remote replication) function. I would suggest getting very similar NAS like you have now – in case one day this one dies. RTRR service will synchronize everything on the first NAS to the backup NAS. So if one day main NAS dies or gets stolen – people can connect to the backup NAS without noticing that main NAS is actually gone. TS-128 will be extremely slow, but if you are using 1 LAN port anyway on existing NAS, then actually you might not feel a slowdown.

How to set up:

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