Synology can not play videos on a TV – “this file is not playable”

Synology can not play videos on a TV – “this file is not playable”

This is actually very interesting. When you stream via LG Audio/Video there is nothing to do with Synology Video Station. TV is receiving original video. Its all DLNA.
Try disabling Audio conversion here

Thank you for clarifying that Video Station is not involved in the streaming process…..

I disabled “Enable Audio Conversion” entirely as you suggested…..

Unfortunately it did not allow those same files to play…. Same results.

And I should add I noticed that for the files that would play, I was no longer presented with the option of Audio Track / Subtitle choice.

What secret sauce could PLEX be adding to the processing that Synology DMA streaming can’t afford to include?

And now comes the interesting part!

After the above failure, just below “Enable Audio Conversion” which I had Disabled, I wondered what would happen if I also turned OFF“Enable File Conversion”????? I know, counterintuitive, yes?

I unticked the Box and again tried all the mkv files….. Voila! 99% of those Movies now played… Just one did not play at all. And two of the movies showed video content briefly showing an error message that the audio track would not work as it was NOT Compatible….. And of course… the Audio played flawlessly on it without issue.

Not only that, turning off Enable File Conversion allowed the previously stripped out Audio Track / Subtitle choice to again appear in the video and the subs and track options were populated.

It appears logic is of no help here…..



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