Can I connect Thunderbolt DAS on QNAP NAS

Thunderbolt DAS for QNAP NAS

Do you know of any other Thunderbolt 3 DAS /RAID array other than AKITIO products that works when connected to a QNAP NAS? I recently purchased a TVS-472XT (core i3 version) and was hoping to connect my Netstor NA622TB3 to it but it just doesn’t work.
QNAP shows TB3 port used but doesn’t show storage/external drive attached to it. I have tried various file formats and raids on the Netstor and even connecting it via a TB3 hub/dock and it just doesn’t see it.
I would buy AKITIO Duo Pro (despite being EOL like most of their products) if it took NVME – otherwise defeats the purpose of the TB3 connection. I also don’t think the Akitio Node or Node duo would work in the same way (say if I was to use an NMVE PCie card) as not sure if these two devices would have hardware raid.
My hunch is that the problem with Netstor is the software raid.
G-drive line of products of no use for the same reason as Duo Pro (only SATA III)
Have you got any experience with OWC products (thinking since they took over Akitio)?
Or Highpoint?
Or is there any other company that makes T3 raid arrays that work with QNAP?

Yes, Netstor Thunderbolt DAS boxes and any other Thunderbolt box will not work with Qnap.
This Thunderbolt connection serves only one purpose and it is to connect to a computer.
The only options you have is internal NVMe slots or PCIe card with M.2 NVME. You can use these SSD for storage or Cache.
If you do want to connect external DAS you can do it via USB3. If you do not have a 10Gbit USB port you can get a PCIe upgrade. This will be the fastest way to connect third-party boxes.
Qnap is working on their Thunderbolt expansion boxes, when they are released you can connect those via Thunderbolt.

I hope this helps.

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