NAS for photo editing software and remote access

NAS for photographer on the move

I am a photographer, I have traveled a lot in recent months, so I cannot edit all my photos from home. I’ve tried to edit my photos using USB drives (I even thought of buying a portable M.2 drive like the Adata SE770G 1TB), but the big problem with this solution is the nessecity to sync data before and after each trip. In practice, it looks like I just copy data from disk to disk and I waste a lot of time doing it. The solution to my problem seems to be a NAS where I would have folders – both archive and current projects. This way, I could work wherever I needed and would always have access to the files I need.
I saw your movie about NAS for photos. You said there is no editing software for Synology / QNAP systems. But you didn’t mention anything about the possibility of using NAS in conjunction with professional editing software. I am using Capture One. There is an option to select NAS as the working disk. The only question is – what parameters would the NAS have to have to fulfill such a task?
I was thinking of a Synology DS720 + with 6GB RAM and both Ethernet ports plugged in (port aggregation). Good idea or should I look for something different?


Yes, you could use a static NAS in location or use Synology slim/portable model such as ds620+ on the move. You can then connect via LAN directly or via the Internet.
Synology will allow you to create a WebDav disk or ISCSI or simple mapped drive. One of these options will work with any software for photo or video editing.
NVMe or SATA SSD cache would also give a helping hand for editing purposes.
Synology Presto service is something useful for long-distance file transfers. Something to keep in mind.

I hope this helps.



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