Cheap backup NAS with shared directory and Windows File History

Simple solution for network backup

I need a solution to replace my WD Book Live that was wiped out last week. I want something simple, easy to use that will give me the following functionality: a) a shared directory that I can browse to using Windows File Explorer and copy files back and forth (something like “\mynetworkstoragepublic”); b) Use Windows File History to backup the family’s laptops’ files; c) allow disconnection from the Internet, so I lower the chances of a cyberattack like the ones last week.

I don’t necessarily need RAID, as it’s used for backup; I also don’t need any of the fancy streaming or cloud stuff. I am open to install a backup program on the laptops, as long as it’s free, if I can’t use File History. Looking at your site, it seems I could go with an entry level Synology DS120j or one of the simpler Qnaps. However, I can’t find on the manufacturers website a direct answer to the questions above – it all seems to gravitate around cloud and streaming these days . Yes, you got it: I’m old school. 🙂

Sad to hear your NAS was formated. If you lost anything you could use Photorec or reclaime.

DS120j would allow you to have a shared folder and version control. It is a very simple NAS that is made for a simple purpose – file storage/backups.

Disabling internet access will be easy by not activating the QuickConnect service.
You can also add additional protection layers such as different IP range or firewall.

I hope this helps.


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