Synology DS220+ Black Friday Deals

Synology DS220+ Black Friday Deals

Synology DS220+ NAS – Quick Conclusion

The DS220+ to buy NAS from Synology gives you a decent hardware base from which you can enjoy largely any modern application, both first party and third party. Although no it does not seem a huge jump over its predecessor, the DS218+, what changes are present are welcomed. Likely the least powerful of the newest Intel-powered 2020 generation from the big brand in NAS, it arrives at a price point that is both approachable and easier to justify for brand new buyers. If you are in the market for an affordable yet Powerful compact solution, the DS220+ brings a lot to the table. However, those looking to upgrade from the DS218+ may want to give this one a miss.

Who is running deals on Synology DS220+ this Black Friday 2021?

Synology DS220+ NAS B&H USA $240 save $60.00 OFF [Link ]
Synology DS220+ NAS Amazon EU € 299 save: 71.00 [Link ]
Synology DS220+ NAS Amazon USA $239.99 Save: $60.00 (20%) [Link ]
Synology DS220+ NAS newegg USA $299 +$60OFF with code BFFRDY38 [Link ]
Synology DS220+ NAS Amazon UK Save: £41.01 (12%) [Link ]


PRICE - 9/10
VALUE - 9/10

👍🏻Great RAID Options
👍🏻Excellent choice of Apps
👍🏻Snapshot Replication
👍🏻Support Plex
👍🏻4K Video transcoding
👍🏻Full Plex Transcoding
👍🏻Hot-Swap trays
👍🏻DLNA Compliant
👎🏻Only 1Gbe Ethernet ports
👎🏻No NVMe cache, as featured in other units
👎🏻2GB Memory is a little low in the long term when 6GB is the Max
👎🏻Only a single accessible Memory Bay


Best DS220+ Price

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Synology DS220+ Black Friday Deals
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