Synology MR2200 mesh with Bitdefender Box 2

Synology MR2200

I have a Netgear modem and an older Trendnet router that needs to be replaced. They are connected to a Bitdefender Box 2 that protects all of my smart home and wi fi network. Because i need better coverage and my router needs replaced I was about to install the Orbi 3000. Then i read about the Synology and the WPA3. if I opt for the Synology mesh system, (I know i will need 2), instead of the Orbi how will it work with the Box2? My understanding is that the Box2 takes over the router to provide protection, so would the Synology alone provide the same security? Will the Box become useless? I am not a novice and far from a “techie”, but I’m 78 and confused about what would be my best options for the best security and coverage. I really appreciate your help.

As long as you use MR2200ac or RT2600ac as a single router and do not mesh them together Bitdefender Box 2 will work. The only problem is that Bitdefender will actually slow things a little bit down (unnoticeable unless downloading large files). It will take over the main router and every and every device in the home will connect to the Bitdefender instead.

I would suggest to sell Bitdefender and get two Synology router. Mesh them together and you will get better filters and protection using Synology software. You will be able to easily filter and monitor all activity in your network.



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