TS-1677 or DS3617XS for PLEX

I watched your video on the best Synology models for Plex which answered my question. Less powerful units won’t be able to handle 4k even natively.
I saw in another one of your videos you said the QNAP TS 877 is one of the best for Plex. The bigger one, the 1677, is a similar price to DS3617xs.
Between these two, which would be better?
In the comparison video between the native video apps, the Synology looked more aesthetically pleasing and easier to use as you pointed out so I am leaning towards the Synology.
Will Synology update the DS3617XS anytime soon? I don’t want to spend so much money and miss out on a newer more future proof model if it’s a few months away.


TS-1677 series feature AMD Ryzen™ 7 1700 8-core/16-thread 3.0 GHz processor. Whereas DS3617XS comes with Intel Xeon D-1527 Quad Core 2.2 (base) / 2.7 (turbo) GHz. Both of these NASes perform very similarly. If you are deciding between these two, I would suggest looking at TVS-1282 which features Intel core i7 with a transcoding engine built in. This will put less stress on the processor allowing you to do many other things while videos are being transcoded. The DS3617 and TS-1677 do not have this transcoding engine built in, but their amazingly powerful CPU can still do it. Some people get an additional graphics card installed inside TS-1277 to have this engine available. TVS-1282 will also allow you to connect your 4K TV via HDMI if you have any unusually heavy video files to stream and you don’t want to low down your network by streaming them.

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