NAS for Small Business fire, water proof

NAS for Small Business

I have a small company I operate from home. I am looking for NAS choices. Interested in DR-rated hardware (can withstand fire, water, etc). Also need to be able to access data remotely over the cloud and at home via WiFi. My home mesh network consists of a Netgear RBR40 router and 2 RBS40 WiFi satellites. I already have various devices attached to the RBR40 router such that all the Ethernet output ports are maxed out (i.e., there is no spare/open port left). The RBS40 satellites have Ethernet ports and I have confirmed that I can connect my laptop to these ports and access the internet. The speeds tests don’t show any appreciable difference between WiFi connectivity or Ethernet connectivity. In fact, when I make an Ethernet connection at the main RBR40 router (by disconnecting a previously-connected device), the speed is about the same. Netgear is recommending that I use one of the RBR40 Ethernet ports to connect a switch (by, again, removing a previous device connection). Then I could plug in a switch to the router Ethernet port and plug the previous device AND the new NAS into the switch. However, it would be more affordable (and easier!) for me just to plug into one of the vacant Ethernet ports on one of the RBS40 satellites. I assume there would be no real performance difference. Do you agree?

NTE $1200   3 TB  USA

Yes, simply connect any ethernet switch to your base station router or extenders. They all work like switches by design anyway. This will not affect your network bandwidth. If anything – wired connection will keep wifi bandwidth ready and available all the time.

The only water/fire/physical damage proof NAS is IoSafe. The ioSafe 218 will be a two drive option – allowing one drive to fail without losing your data. They are using a Synology system inside which is well know thanks to its easy user interface and reliability. You can access it locally in the network over wire/wifi as well as remotely over the internet. You will find it very similar like dropbox but around 100 times better thanks to its almost limitless functionality.

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