TS-873 with graphics card for transcoding into 4k support


I just purchased a Qnap TS-873 AMD and planning to add a Nvidia 1030 graphics card for transcoding into 4k support. I wanted to get your thoughts on this server and if you had any suggests for me. I just purchased it from amazon.

I am going to start with 5 hard drives at 6tb each for a total of 30tb.
I am going to upgrade the ram to 32gb.
I want to add two M.2 cards in the future. Not sure when i will be able to do this.


Qnap themselves recommend MSI GTX1050 TI 4GT LP graphics card. But as long as other video card have the same PCIe slot support and does not require additional power, it should work with this NAS.

This is a great NAS choice. Because it comes with an AMD CPU which is very powerful but doesn’t cost as much as Intel series. Free PCIe slots can be used for the graphics card if someone wants to transcode or stream 4K over the HDMI or on mobile devices. Also, the M.2 cache slots are handy for an easy performance boost with a couple of SSD sticks.

Please send me some screenshots if the card works perfectly fine! This might encourage Qnap to update their compatibility list more often.






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