Large Plex server to NAS recommendation

Large Plex server to NAS recommendation

Currently using two Drobo 5D units connected to an iMac (late 2012, 3.4 i7 quad core processor) via thunderbolt to run PLEX. Library currently contains 40TB of files. It works fine on the LAN but has issues with outside connections. I would like to move this to a NAS unit directly linked to a router and am looking for a recommendation. Currently using the modem provided by the ISP and an AirPort Extreme router. Budget is not a large concern and this is used in a home office setting, so I am not concerned with the look of a rack mounted system if that is a better option. I have some 4K media on there and would like to expand on that going forward.

Additional use would include camera backups (1) and time machine backups (4 computers).

~$4000   60TB

Yes, once you need more storage space, the entire setup becomes very messy. A similar spec if processing power can be found on a Qnap TVS-1282. It features Intel Core i7 processor with a transcoding engine built in. This is extremely useful when you want to stream movies remotely or play videos on the mobile devices which do not support particular video formats.
The 82 series also features HDMI2.0 which is great if you want to keep network available without overloading it with heavy video streaming. It is also recommended to use an ethernet cable to connect everything together, just like you already do.
Tiered storage functionality and cache will ensure that you always get the best performance from this NAS. Most often used files will be copied to the cache and data moved to SSD RAID storage.

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