TVS 1282 i7 32GB or the Synology RS4017xs expandable post production NAS

I have recently been looking at upgrading our video storage needs for our post production work and have narrowed it down to either a Qnap TVS 1282 i7 32GB or the Synology RS4017 xs.
I have looked at lots of your awesome reviews on both these models on you tube and are now stumped.
Which one in your opinon would suit a growing production company using macs with thunderbolt 2 for post production that needs to expand its working storage as well as its back up storage yearly.
We like a lot of the features of the Qnap as a cloud to share projects with clients etc but also like the simplicity of the Synology!

If you need some future-proof serious solution than you need to consider RS4017xs with 10GbE ports (or even 40GbE ports). This solution will be faster than thunderbolt and will be much easier to expand every year by adding expansion units. People choose thunderbolt NAS (like 1282T) to save some money because of existing Thunderbolt ports on their computers. Upgrading your network does not cost that much anymore. It can be all done within a budget of 1000GBP. You will need 10GbE smart switch (300-600GBP) and 10GbE cards (for PC) or thunderbolt to 10GbE adapter for MAC (around 300GBP).
If you want to save money and your actual editing team will not be bigger than 3 people you can have thunderbolt NAS. It also supports 10GbE cards and is expandable, but expandability is limited.
P.S. New iMAC pro come with 10gbe ports built in.

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