WD Red or Red Pro for DS918+

 I am contemplating purchasing the Synology DS918+ and want to know which 6Gb drives would be better. WD Red or Red Pro?

DS918+ is a four-bay NAS made for living on desktops. So important factor will be noise. The quietest hard drive choice will be Wd Red NAS drives. The speed of these drives varies from 5900 up to 7200 depending on use-case. If more speed is necessary to get data, faster the disks will spin. Pro Drives will be constantly spinning at 7200RPM making slightly more noise. Sometimes you may have no choice and you need higher IOPS drives for an application which need very fast small data output like databases and virtual machines. This when you need to look at Pro, SAS or SSD drives.

SSD drives – Hight IOPS, High speed

NAS HDD PRO –  7200RPM slightly faster than regular HDD, but higher IOPS

Regular NAS HDD  – regular speed 5900-7200RMP, regular IOPS 


Fastest HDD/SSD based on IOPS

When do you need high IOPS drives:

  • Random access
  • Multiple clients concurrent access
  • Database application
  • VM access in a hyper-visor environment
  • IP-SAN using block based data

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