Website Permissions – I don’t have write permission to some of the directories – Synology NAS

As you were so helpful last time in setting up access to a Virtual Machine I thought I’d see if you’d be able to help me again. This time I have set up webstation and am able to create a website and view it. But I have installed piwigo into a directory but when I try to run the installation script via a URL I get told that I don’t have write permission to some of the directories. do you have any idea what have to configure to configure to ensure that the php script being run has write permission to some of the subdirectories.


I have not tried to use Piwigo,
But maybe this help:

I would try to install these from the admin account. Sorry if I can not provide more expertise on this subject.


Thanks once again for your help, I did eventually get to the bottom of this. In the end I went to Control Panel/Group and edited the group HTTP, this then brought up a panel where I was able to turn on the read/write permission for web.


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