Cheapest smart ups for a NAS

Cheapest smart ups for a NAS

just to let you know the information. I just went and buy budget UPS PowerWalker VI 850 SHL and it works normally with my DS-418play. The NAS recognize it. Tested and it shows it can run around 57 min in battery mode. I have two disks curretnly in my NAS and Ubee router is also connected to same UPS.

Power Walker – UK –


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To enable local UPS support on Synology:

  1. Connect the UPS device to a USB port of the Synology NAS.
  2. On the UPS tab, check the Enable UPS support checkbox.
  3. Select when the Synology NAS should enter Safe Mode after power failure occurs.
  4. Choose whether or not to send a shutdown signal to the UPS device when the system enters Safe Mode. Most UPS devices can automatically turn on when power is restored.
  5. Click Apply.





Smart UPS that will turn the NAS OFF and ON

UPS battery for DS918+ 20 minutes -3 hours

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