NAS for video transcoding via PCIe GPU card

I have narrowed my search down to the TVS-672xt (or n version). However I have just seen that there is a new TS-673a using the Ryzen cpu about to be released. The 672xt was a bit above my pain threshold, but I had convinced myself that it would be worth it. Given that this 673a is coming, and it will accept a graphics card to do transcoding, I am wondering

1: Whether the new one would be a better buy -see above. I have no idea about the graphics card add on price.
2. I do accept that I will lose the hdmi port, though is it likely that I would need this when watching via a 1G network using a large tv?
3. Can the existing cabling (cat5e, cat 6 and cat 7 cabling be converted to run 2.5/5/10G at a reasonable cost if this is needed in the new purchase.

What do you think to all my points?


Yes, 72XT/N series would be a perfect choice. But many people will consider a new 73A model with a dedicated PCIe graphics card.
The card that works is : PH-GTX1050TI-4G
In UK it costs around £220
In USA similar in dollars:

It can cope with 4K and 8K displays thanks to a native HDMI 2.0b. Digital Max Resolution 7680 x 4320.

If you do not connect via HDMI you can easily stream via 1GbE with no problems.

If your existing cables are CAT5 you get speeds around 2.5-5GbE depending on interference and distance. You would need CAT6a for 10GbE speeds.

I hope this helps.







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NAS for video transcoding via PCIe GPU card

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