What to do when the nas is full

What to do when the nas is full

I am a working commercial photographer with a lot of images coming in every month. I recently bought a synology ds918+ currently running on raid 5 with 4x4tb disks in it. That is currently my main storing place for my images and there is a second backup at backblaze b2 syncing directly from the nas.

Everything is working very nicely now. My question would be of there are any suggestions for when the nas is full. I would prefer to delete all my data from backblaze at that point as the cost would be quite high, so I am looking for other alternatives. One would be to buy a couple of 10tb external disks,and thus make 2 copies of the Nas and then keep them in different locations. The other, which is more expensive is to buy another nas for the new pictures and backup the first nas to an external disk.

Is there any particular way that you move on from a full nas?

The next logical step would be buying an expansion unit allowing you to grow your storage space up to 9 drives. If you plan on giving up cloud backup like backblaze then you can replace it with your own cloud backup solution. You can achieve this with another NAS. Even cheapest DS418j will allow you to do a remote backups. Just make sure you get biggest drives possible, so you don’t need to worry about storage space to back things up.

Alternatively, you can upgrade your existing 4TB drives with 8TB or even 18TB drives. You can replace the disks without a need to reset entire system.

But if you do decide to back things up with external RAID box like terramaster or Akitio than this will work too. It will just require you to do manual backups on regular bases. Missing one could cost your data.




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