Which 18TB/ 20TB Drives (HDD) supported and compatible with Synology

Synology Enterprise Verified Drive White List “vendor lock”

Apparently, I made Kevin and Connor at Storage Reviews mad, because I called them out for publishing an opinion piece (end of business on a Friday) about the future of Synology products, without contacting Synology for a comment on their future products. When I emailed Synology myself to fact check their article Reddit turned into a high school drama of pitch forks and called for boycotting Synology.

I contacted Synology myself
byu/RJM_50 insynology

Storage Reviews has already edited their opinion piece removing the content I quoted, I have a suspicion Synology reached out to them because I wasn’t the only individual to contact Synology support for clarification. Especially considering Synology sent them ~$13,000 MSRP in products for review including 16 of their special drives. Oops.

They removed many of these fear mongering lines: “the Red Critical Fault Unverified Drive warnings are a scare tactic to purchase Synology drives…, Synology’s drive capacities stop at 16TB, where several 20TB options available for half the cost…, Synology drives are just a corporate cash grab…, Synology is going forward with the unverified drive restrictions could get worse in 2022 series NAS…, may impose more drive restrictions…, but ultimately Synology is wrong in its draconian approach.”

Later Kevin was upset I quoted his man Connor, apparently, they didn’t want to be quoted back to Synology support, and eventually posted Synology’s response proving the panic over Enterprise Verified Drive White List was a false alarm fear mongering the community days after their Friday article got the panicked attention of the community.

Official Statement from Synology on the HDD situation
byu/StorageReview insynology

But now we finally have an official response on the future of Synology Enterprise Verified Drive White List. You can quote it without the unnecessary drama, now that the issue has been clarified by the source. For some reason Kevin didn’t actually list the name of the manager of Synology’s strategic comm’s group. I’ll assume you can fill in that blank or use this to get your own clarification from Synology on the future of their Enterprise Verified Drive White List.

Doesn’t even matter, several users have already copied the Hard Drive White List from the older DS2419 and DS3617 to the new models successfully.



Share HDD compatibility with NAS community!
WDUltrastar HC550WUH721818ALE6L418TBDS1821+
SeagateExosEnterprise18TBSynology 420J
SeagateIronWolf ProST20000NE00020TBSynology DS1520+
WDUltrastar HC560WUH722020ALE6L420TBDS1522+
SeagateIronWolf ProST20000NTZ0120TBDS1520+
SeagateIronWolf ProST20000NTZ0120TBDS1520+
western digitalWD120EDAZ-11F3RA05PJDMWBD12TBDS920+
western digitalWD120EDAZ-11F3RA05PJDMWBD12TBDS920+

How to fix drive locking (not recognised) on Synology


WARNING: Follow these steps at your own risk.


Step 1

Enable SSH on the Synology and log in with your admin account, then type:

sudo -i

and type in your password.


Step 2

Navigate to the folder where the drive list is stored.

cd /var/lib/disk-compatibility


Step 3

edit *_host.db and *_host.db.new and add your drive. In our case we had to add this line to the DB rs2821rp+_host.db and rs2821rp+_host.db.new




Some drives in that file don’t have a firmware defined, so for you, you could try to copy that entry and add your model number of the drive. Another option is to look in the DB for the expansion unit for your drive, we found our config there. Just make sure “rec_intvl” is set to 1 if you copy the entry. Ours was standard 3 and that didn’t work.


Save and quit both files with :wq and then reboot the NAS, if everything is done correctly the NAS should say the disk status is normal.





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One thought on “Which 18TB/ 20TB Drives (HDD) supported and compatible with Synology

  1. Hi, your site is great and your opinion always help us.. congrats !!

    I have a DS720+ with first Ironwolf PRO 16TB (firmware EN02), but I am interesting to put a second one mine, Ironwolf PRO 18TB but its firmware version EN01..
    I did contact Seagate Support to help me updating the firmware to EN02 but it was the same like a nothing.
    I had get look that EN02 provide more tools on Disk Mgm of DSM7…

    1- Could I do local firmware update on Ironwolf PRO 18TB or I can buy a new Ironwolf PRO 20TB shoud be latest EN02 firmware version?
    2- Is there some problem use different firmware versions?

    Thank you.. regards!!