How to keep your Home network and NAS safe

How do hackers attack you

  • Zero-day
  • Phishing

Zero-day when attackers attack from outside through outdated software, through known vulnerabilities that are not yet patched.


How to secure your Network?

  1. Secure your router
    1. Check open ports and close unnecessary ports
    2. Enable firewall
    3. disable ping response
    4. disable port forwarding [if there is no firewall and other measures in place]
    5. disable router remote management option
    6. Use WPA2 or newer WiFi mode and make sure the password is strong
    7. Use VPN
  2. Redesign your internal network
    1. Keep your network devices under different network segments
    2. Use switches with built-in firewalls and filters [Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine or unifi software]
  3. Configure internal devices and NAS
    1. Enable firewall
    2. install antivirus / security monitor
    3. use VPN
    4. enable an auto Lock feature
    5. two-step authentication
    6. close unnecessary open ports/ change them to different ones
    7. disable admin account
    8. make strong passwords
    9. enable powen on/off schedule
    10. Separate volume (for OS, snapshots)
    11. have regular backups
  4. Enable automated updates
    1. router firmware
    2. internal devices


How to scan your open ports ?

Use port scanning websites or run a scan from neighbors or friends network – remotely.

Get your external IP

Run a scan

From online websites

From your friends house

You can also scan only for open ports )all of them or just specific ports) instead of vulnerabilities


How to secure your router?

Disable upnp and port forwarding

Disable Respond to Ping

Increase firewall level or set manual rules

Also disable DMZ access




Redesign your internal network

Do not allow hackers connect to your NAS via cheaper iot devices. Keep them seperate.


Keep your NAS accessible only from particular internal IP address and enable brute force attacks



Configure internal devices and NAS

Enable automatic logout and enable HTTP attack protection


Enable two factor authentication


Enable Account protection


Enable Firewall


Enable Autoblock


Enable DoS protection


Use Security Advisor to scan for open volnurabilities on your NAS








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