Which NAS and nzb performance?

Love the videos! I currently have an asustor 3204t running sabnzbd, sonarr, and radarr all in docker with a 12TB RAID 5. Plex is running on an recent i7 optiplex with the media stored on the NAS.

I want to get something newer mostly for fun, and have 4 10TB drives sitting on my shelf. Planning on 3 drive raid 5 or SHR1 for now and then the fourth drive as cold storage on the shelf to self warranty (these are shucked). Was looking at the 918+ And 1019+, and was considering move plex to run on it as well as the other apps. How will the cpu and ram on these do with downloading and unpacking nzb’s while running plex transcoding with plex pass? The asustor basically slows to a crawl a bit while unpacking larger nzb files. Would cache help at all? How about a single ssd as a second volume just for nzb’s and then I move it to the array? Is there a different brand I should look at? Thanks!


If you are not using transcoding option (and subtitles) in Plex then DS918+ would do a good job. Otherwise, you would need to get something with similar specs to Optiplex. Choosing i7 would be an absolute minimum for 4K media. But you could use offline transcoding option to prepare some of the files which would normally be transcoded on the fly. Then DS918+/ 1019+ would cope just fine. Plex pass also enables hardware transcoding, but built-in GPU chip is not made for Plex 4K on the fly conversion only offline mode.
With Synology, you can use one SSD as a separate volume. This would improve things quite a lot. But it would not enable 4K on the fly transcoding. But it will responsiveness.
If you want something with i7 then TVS-1282 would be an option. But I would recommend looking into offline transcoding options for 4K. 1080p and bellow is not an issue and DS918+ would do it.

I hope this helps.

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