NAS – home user – photographer / designer

NAS – home user – photographer / designer

Hey there i was wondering if you could give me a little advice. I watch your youtube channel quite regularly and have found it really helpful! so thank you for constantly uploading new videos. Im finding it hard to decide what the best solution for me would be, so i was hoping you’d be able to help.

Im a designer and photographer and i was intending to use the NAS not only to backup all my projects and client work. But also to edit directly on.

I currently use an 2014 iMac that ill be upgrading to a new iMac pro this year some time – so will have faster connection via ethernet / thunderbolt than i currently do – so future proofing is quite important to me. At the moment i use dropbox to manage all my files with an external SSD. Seems to work fine but i just know there is a better solution. I hate having 4 hard drives lying around and id love to be able to connect to them from my office / laptop / phone etc.

So id love to know what you think i should be looking at. My budget isn’t huge, but i’m open to anything really. I don’t currently need tons of storage, but i plan to upgrade as i do need it.

Editing on a NAS come with advantages and disadvantages. It is much quicker to offload data from your cameras on an external SSD. NAS bandwidth depends on internal disks and connectivity. Regular NAS would feature 1Gbit connection with a speed of around 120MB/s at the best. DS418/ 418play would be an option for such a setup. But you could not edit anything bigger than 1080p. The 4K editing would require Thunderbolt or 10GbE connection like TS-453BT2 and TVS-472XT.

I hope this helps.

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