Wired POE IP Camera for Qnap NAS TS-453be Under $175

Wired POE IP Camera for ts-453be

I’m looking for a Wired POE IP Camera for ts-453be Are there any here you suggest. Its for an office and we have a ts-453be that will sit idle about 23 hrs a day that I’d love to use for more than just daily backups. Its for a hallway and would mount in a ceiling tile.

I would suggest Reolink RLC-420. It is not just compatible with Synology but also with Qnap NAS including TS-453Be. It is powered over ethernet and protected from someone angry destroying it. With Qnap as well as Synology you will be able to set up recording zones and alerts when movement is detected. It will work even in the dark as it is equipped with infrared LEDs.

You can record H.264 encoded video stream in 2560×1920 resolution. Recording in this resolution at 20frames per second for 30days you will need around 7TB free space. Or half of that if you reduce the frame rate to 10 frames a second.


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Some more Key Features if you decide to use it without Qnap or Synology

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