980 PRO with Heatsink drive will be available October 29th

980 PRO with Heatsink drive will be available October 29th

  • Speeds: 7,000 MB/s read, 5,100 MB/s write

  • Interface: PCIe Gen 4.0 x4, NVMe 1.3c

  • Dimension: 24 mm W x 80 mm L x 8.6 mm H

  • 5-year warranty


UPDATE 13th OCT 2021 

980 PRO with Heatsink drive will be available October 29, 2021.
1TB ($249.99) and 2TB ($449.99)

Check Amazon UK and Amazon USA


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Samsung 980 Pro – Specifications



Samsung 980 Pro
250GB  ,  500GB   ,  1TB  ,  2TB 
Sequential Read (Max, MB/s), 128 KB 6900MB
Sequential Write (Max, MB/s), 128 KB 5000MB
PCIe Generation PCIe Gen 4
NVMe Rev NVMe 1.3c
Max Capacity 2TB
Controller Custom Elpis
Total Terabytes Written (TBW) 300TB
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF, hours) 1,500,000
Warranty 5yrs

Compatible heatsink for Samsung 980 Pro SSD on PS5





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174 thoughts on “980 PRO with Heatsink drive will be available October 29th

  1. I bought the Corsair MP600 Pro, I installed a separate heatsink with this.
    The Corsair MP600 Pro attempts around 6,6Gbps.
    I moved all my PS4 & PS5 games into my SSD M.2 and I kept YouTube, Prime Video, all other video apps in the system storage.
    The loading times is okay. To me and for my daily usage, there is my best configuration.

    Sometimes, I record my last 15-30 minutes video gameplay.

    The PS5 is always recording the gameplay, it doesn’t care which game you are playing.
    The read speed for your SSD is the most important thing.
    The PS5 console is already fast, and when you launch the game, you forget that you copied the game into the SSD due to the greats performances.

    My advice : If you care about write speed, you have to spend a lot of money for nothing, you’re actually go to the wrong way. The read speed is the most important thing that you have to care. Copying a file into a SSD itself is a not a task that you need to do every day.

  2. Great video! Very informative. Greatly appreciate it.
    You made me lol a few times. You would say, …”and were doing this right now!”(snap)
    Then there was like a 3 second delay before anything happened ????????????
    To be fair you got quicker as the video went on. There was only a 1 second delay by the end, but I wonder why even snap at all? The snapping indicates promptness, so when you snap and there’s a 1-3 second delay, there is a disconnect that happens with the viewer.
    Perhaps it’s a comedic quirk that you do purposely idk, anyways thanks for the video

  3. People comparing consoles to pc all day but remember that the PS5 costs 500 $ and for that you get 4K gaming at 120 FPS a lighting fast ssd and a immersive controller .
    Whiles meanwhile you cant even get a PC for 500 $ that can game at 1080P high settings .

  4. Question, please…. I’m just installing my 980 Pro 4.0 2TB ssd. {with heatsink) I’m wondering which slot i should install it in my gigabyte z590 aorus elite MB. I have as Radeon Pro WX-3200 GPU (with own fan). MB has three slots. Which one should I use?

    M2A_CPU (Above GPU), M2B_SB (Below GPU), or M2P_SB (Below M2B)

  5. Sorry but this product is false advertising because the package shows that this Internal Solid State Hard Drive Memory Card can read speed up to 7000 Mb/s. Unfortunately, after formatting on ps5, we got around 5567 Mb/s. If you don’t have a computer, you cant update firmware, and you will still be stuck on 5000; you paid for it. Samsung needs to fix it and provide an update using ps5 in order to update it.

  6. Blackfriday presale for 289 euro, 2TB version, its the cheapest comparef to FireGuda and WD SN850, but performance is almodt the same.

    At least now ps4 games can also transfered without worrying for space storage

  7. Because I’m recording every game I play, I want to buy an SSD for my PS5. The thing is I don’t know if I should buy less storage (500GB) or one with less speed(maybe Samsung 980 instead of 980 PRO). Do you know if you can edit the videos directly from the SSD expansion or not in ShareFactory? If this is not possible I have my answer on what to buy.

  8. Bought this drive with separate heatsink. Games work and are slightly faster than internal storage. I do wonder how accurate the Sony Speedtest is, as mine only reached 5800MB/s read… but it works so I am not fussed.

  9. I just purchased the Seagate Firecuda 530 4TB with Heat sink from Newegg it was on sale. Apparently Newegg & Best Buy are the best places to cut it cuz they’re 30% off this week for $939. I’ll be making a video on it as soon as I get it in the mail and install. So Hyped ????

  10. Help I have a problem..I removed the 2nd screw when I got ready to install my SSD and somehow I misplaced it. I still have the holder but can I use a regular screw similar in size or does it have to be the one that came with the console.


  11. I got a 980 pro 2tb and the initial test showed 5658 mbps. Should I be worried about this? I’ve heard of others getting the same read and that this drive is is limited until you download some software from Samsung. Is this a problem?

  12. I have a question. I’ve bought the Samsung 980 pro which has a read speed of 7000 mb/s. When I first started my ps5 with the new ssd, the ps5 said read speed 5563 mb/s. How is that possible? Can I make it higher or something?

  13. Please can some one give me some advice on what is the best heatsink to buy in the UK for the Samsung 980 pro 2tb. I have no idea about ssd’s. I don’t care about the cost I just need to order one as my ssd will be here by Wednesday and I already run the beta program. Many thanks

  14. I’m a bit puzzled as to why GTA V is included in the testing, being a very old PS4 game that doesn’t as yet have an optimised PS5 version available. By all accounts, it does not even need to be installed on the internal drive, unlike native PS5 games, and PS4 games take no advantage of the internal storage speeds anyway. The game loads just as fast on an external SSD connected via USB 3.0 which is where I have the game installed. I don’t think people are going to be buying an expensive M.2 NVMe SSD to install an old PS4 game onto somehow.

  15. Useless test. testing on two different PS5’s means they run different hardware. No two GPU’s or CPU’s EVER run equal. Unless you ALSO tested internal SSD on the one that has the Samsung mounted, you don’t have ANY true comparison. It’s somewhat similar to saying that the two Mercedes F1 cars are completely identical, while we – who follow F1 – know that they are VERY different and personalized to and by the driver..Pretty much NO electronics components measure completely the same, perhaps except crystals, so if you don’t test both SSD’s on the SAME machine, you will get uncomparable results in EVERY test.

  16. Is it not possible to put our Trophy pictures and Trophy videos onto the other SSD? That would free up a lot of space on the main PS5 SSD to. Hopefully that feature can be done in the future(soon tho not in 5 years time like) 😀

  17. I a year or so when they really start building games to take full advantage of ps5’s ssd and i/o than u will need to retest them ! That is it why I will get the WD 1tb drive now and next year when prices are better and drives are even faster will get bigger one !

  18. Thanks as always man, amazing channel! 🙂 I have a question though please: the Amazon listing for the Sabrent drive states it is just 3500mb/s read speed, so how does it remain so fast and how did you get 6500mb/s on the PS5 test mate?

  19. I have a question. I wanna budget and buy the 250/500 gb version of the Samsung SSD both NVMes speed matches the 5500/s read speed but 250’s write speed is around 2500/s. Is there a write speed requirement or is the SSDs are recommended as long as Read speed matches or surpasses it ?

  20. I wonder if the read speed test is accurate, I have this SSD its still sealed just waiting for the update to be released. In another reviews ive seen the 980 barely push to the 5400 mark in others it goes closer to 7000. Hopefully this is more accurate when the update is released.

  21. A lot of people are complaining that the 980 pro is maxing out at about 5,500MBs read on PS5. How did you get such a high speed? I ordered one of those. I hope I get the same results you do. I’ve also noticed that the smaller capacity drives, were faster than the higher capacity in most YouTube videos. Weird

  22. Warning Warning Warning Warning. If you do not have the 2.0 firmware on your PS5 do not waste your time putting an SSD in it because when you power it on it will tell you
    to power down and remove the SSD from the internal Bay.

  23. Key note. I just watched a video for the 2tb. Which was running at only 5650 much slower than the 500mb. According to the inside package you have to update the software to get its max speed. Which is not possible in the ps5.

  24. Is the Samsung 980 Pro, 2TB, version of this SSD a single or double sided SSD?
    From what I read online, it seems like the 2TB version is also a single-sided SSD, which I wasn’t sure about, because it seems to be one of a very few 2TB M.2 SSDs that is actually single-sided. Others are double-sided.
    Could someone confirm this for me, please? Just need to confirm to know which heatsink to buy (single or double-sided).

  25. I made the mistake of when redeeming control for the free ps plus game in january that i only added it to my ps4 library since it was what I had at the time. Didnt envision getting a ps5 so i never redeemed the ps5 version, now im stuck playing the ps4 version at 30 fps and no raytracing!!! Ughhh

  26. Based on other videos the 980 Pro is getting 5.6GB/s for the 1TB variant. Your 250GB is getting 6.3GB/s despite it being slower than the 1TB variant. Did you update the SSD firmware prior to installation? Perhaps, this influences the result.

  27. Transfer speeds are clearly being held back even on top tier m.2 SSDs — down to 1500MB/s — so what remains to be seen is how much slower loading times will be on older generation (and cheaper) NVME drives. That would be a very interesting comparison.

  28. Overall, I think the Samsung loaded things maybe about a second quicker? Internal slightly slower probably due to the OS being on the same drive and it being accessed at the same time as the games were loading. Either way, not much difference and certainly nothing gamers would even notice ????

  29. Sometimes there are fimware updates fro certain M2 SSD.
    Are those updates very important when you used those SSD on a console or is it only an update for the use into PC ??
    Do you recommend to update the firmware of those M2 SSD before placing inside PS5 ?
    Just asking ……

  30. What happens if u transfer your games to your ssd and then give it to me…? Do i have your games??? …or i need to buy them even though i have them transferd from your ssd to my ps5?…did u try this? If u decide to try make a video or send me answer please ????????. Thank you.

  31. The more full the SSD is the slower it (probably) also is to write so no wonder the smaller storage sized ones are slower write speed.

    I would think it would be way better if you tested games that actually made use of the high read speed that the PS5 specifically demands. I would think all those games would run fine on a SATA SSD as well. So a game like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart would be interesting to see how it performs, especially if you manage to install an SSD that doesn’t have high enough read speed.

  32. The PS5’s game transfer system is a mess in my opinion.

    On my Xbox One X, not only can I copy between TWO external drives (something not possible to have on the PS4 or PS5) but I can queue them to do it in the BACKGROUND. That means that you can still use the console while shuffling files around. On the PS5, you have to wait for the transfers to complete – you literally cannot use the console at all while it does its business – and despite being SSD to SSD these transfers are frustratingly slow, likely because Sony have capped the speeds to keep heat down and because the data is being encrypted/decrypted. It’s unbelievable really that a console as powerful as the PS5 cannot allocate some resources to background file transfers. The Xbox One X is significantly less powerful than the PS5 in terms of storage (5,400rpm hard drive) and CPU but yet it manages it fine; you even play games while the process happens in the background.

    Sony really do have a LOT to learn….

  33. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is really the only PS5 game at the moment that takes full advantage of the M.2 NVMe drive so I would have been far more interested in seeing how that performs on an expansion drive during actual game, say, when going backwards and forwards through the rifts, during cutscenes (when the PS5 can be shifting a lot of data) and gameplay.

  34. I’ve had nothing but problems with the beta version the games crash the system freezes and I couldn’t even turn off or reboot without having to pull the AC plug. So after 2 days I went back to the regular version. I didn’t even get the chance to try the ssd I ordered so I canceled my order and sent sony a long feedback from the horror show this beta is. I’m not going to risk the console so that sony can do their R&D on our systems and if something goes wrong it’s our problem. This is some of the worse engineering I’ve ever seen. This is such a difference with how well easy and consumer friendly my series x is. The fact that so many videos on all this has been made and the hundreds of articles trying to help people on how to figure this out is telling on how bad this design is.

  35. Doesn’t really show much other than 3rd party storage is faster than the internal storage.
    Now try using under spec’d storage too to show the difference between them. I tried it with a rocket 4 1TB just to see what would happen and its just as fast – you don’t need a M.2 with 7000MB/s SR. BTW, the choice of games is really poor. why not use R&K and say HzD or GoW? 
    Internal SSD is over-hyped, right now nothing needs/can take advantage of these claimed speeds with games been random read in nature – its all just marketing. You could also take the same game and compare to an XsX. Game for game on both internal storage and M.2, XsX seemed to be faster in all but 1 3rd party game..!