Buffalo’s Omoidebako (PD-2000): The Ultimate Model for Preserving Family Memories and Photos – Your Essential Backup Device

In today’s digital age, smartphones have become our go-to devices for capturing countless family moments, especially those of our children as they grow day by day. Yet, most of these cherished memories often remain trapped within the confines of our smartphones, unseen and unshared.

But what if there was a way to relive these precious moments together as a family? Buffalo Co., Ltd. introduces the Omoidebako (PD-2000), a timeless solution that enables families to gather around their TV screens and reminisce over their most treasured photos and videos.

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Diverse Omoidebako Lineup

The Omoidebako (PD-2000) comes in three standard models, each with varying hard disk capacities – 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB. Additionally, there’s the “PD-2000E series,” a wired LAN model, and the “PD-2000-V series,” a premium model with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, thanks to its highly durable video HDD. Prices for the 1TB model start at 29,800 yen. Regardless of capacity, each model can efficiently manage up to 1 million contents.

Ease of Use and Connectivity

Omoidebako’s front panel features a USB terminal and an SD card slot for importing photos, while the rear offers a LAN terminal, USB terminal for backup, and an HDMI output for seamless TV connectivity. Wi-Fi 6 compatibility ensures fast wireless LAN capabilities. With dimensions of 190 x 157 x 44 mm (width x depth x height/excluding protrusions), Omoidebako effortlessly fits beneath your TV.

Each Omoidebako package includes all necessary accessories, such as a remote control and HDMI cable, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

Solving the “Too Many Photos” Dilemma

While smartphones make it effortless to capture memories, they also accumulate a plethora of unrelated photos, from cooking shots to work-related images. Omoidebako simplifies the process of importing photos, allowing you to select and transfer only the photos and videos you wish to share with your family or keep forever. It’s the perfect solution for preserving those irreplaceable family moments.

The device even supports importing photos and videos from digital cameras, allowing you to choose the ones that prominently feature your family members. For those with old CDs and DVDs, Omoidebako offers compatibility through the “Omodora” DVD drive, ensuring your cherished memories aren’t lost in outdated formats.

Effortless Organization

Once imported, Omoidebako diligently organizes your photos and videos by shooting date, creating a convenient calendar view. Setting anniversaries, like birthdays, compiles photos and videos from those special days into albums. With Omoidebako’s assistance, you no longer need to struggle with organizing vast collections of photos and videos – it does the work for you.

Rediscovering Family Memories

Omoidebako isn’t just about finding specific photos; it’s about rediscovering the essence of your family’s shared experiences. It’s a journey through time that unearths hidden memories, triggers storytelling, and reinforces the bonds within your family.

By displaying these memories on a large TV screen, you can share in the nuances of each person’s perspective on a particular day, creating a rich and heartfelt experience.

Innovative Technology for Your Memories

Omoidebako comes equipped with 12 years of technological innovation, ensuring smooth and responsive navigation through your extensive photo library. Its unique scrolling behavior allows you to appreciate each photo individually, and it’s designed to avoid overwhelming you with rapid, stepless scrolling.

The device supports an array of photo and video formats, including 4K videos, ensuring compatibility with modern media standards. It even accommodates older formats like “3GP,” preserving memories from the flip phone era.

For Precious Family Time

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to overlook the gradual changes that occur within our families. Omoidebako encourages you to pause and reflect on these small yet significant moments. It’s a tool that brings families together, fostering connections and strengthening bonds.

The memories you capture today will become the stories you share tomorrow. Omoidebako ensures that these stories are readily available, waiting to be relived whenever you choose. It’s not just a device; it’s a treasure chest of cherished moments.

So, why wait to do something about those neglected family photos? Let Omoidebako organize and store your precious family memories, making them easily accessible for your family to relive together at any time.

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