Ugreen Unveils DXP2800 and DXP4800 NAS Systems at IFA 2023

Berlin, Germany – September 2, 2023 – The stage was set for innovation at IFA 2023 as Ugreen, a renowned name in tech peripherals, made its grand entrance into the NAS system market. With the introduction of the DXP2800 and DXP4800, Ugreen demonstrates its commitment to delivering cutting-edge storage solutions that cater to both enthusiasts and professionals.

Dual Models for Diverse Needs

The Ugreen DXP2800 and DXP4800 NAS systems are designed to meet a variety of storage demands. The DXP2800 accommodates up to two drives, while the DXP4800 steps up the game with support for up to four drives. Whether you’re an individual user or running a small business, these NAS systems offer versatile storage solutions to fit your requirements.

Powerful Intel N100 Processor with HDMI and 8GB RAM

Under the hood, both the DXP2800 and DXP4800 pack a punch with an Intel N100 processor. This energy-efficient CPU boasts clock speeds of up to 3.4 GHz, with four cores and four threads, all while maintaining a frugal 6-watt TDP. What’s more, Ugreen has equipped these systems with 8 gigabytes of RAM to ensure smooth multitasking and efficient data handling.

One standout feature is the inclusion of an HDMI port, allowing users to easily display photos and videos directly from their NAS. Supporting UHD at 60 Hz, this feature enhances the multimedia capabilities of these NAS systems.

High-Speed Connectivity

Both models come equipped with LAN ports, with the DXP2800 featuring one and the DXP4800 offering two. Ugreen lists the LAN ports with a remarkable 2.5 Gbit/s in their specifications.

To further bolster performance, both systems feature two M.2 slots for NVMe SSDs, ensuring rapid data access. The versatile array of USB ports includes one USB-C and four USB-A ports, with the front USB-A port supporting USB 3.0 at 10 Gbit/s. A rear USB-A port offers USB 3.0 at 5 Gbit/s, while the remaining two USB-A ports on the back are designated for USB 2.0 with speeds of 480 Mbit/s. Additionally, the DXP4800 boasts an SD card reader, expanding its data transfer capabilities.

Robust Build Quality

Ugreen has crafted these NAS systems with a combination of metal and plastic components, ensuring durability and a sleek aesthetic. The drive frames at the front are constructed from robust plastic, maintaining a balance between form and function. At first glance, both the DXP2800 and DXP4800 impress with their solid build quality.

Awaiting Operating System Details

While Ugreen has showcased the hardware prowess of the DXP2800 and DXP4800, what remains to be seen are the details surrounding the operating system and its functionalities. ComputerBase is actively engaged with Ugreen to unearth further insights into these NAS models.

Coming Soon to Europe

The wait won’t be long for European consumers eager to get their hands on these NAS systems. Ugreen plans to launch the DXP2800 and DXP4800 in China before making them available in Europe in early 2024. As for pricing, Ugreen has yet to disclose official figures for the German market, leaving enthusiasts and professionals alike in eager anticipation. Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting developments from Ugreen as they continue to expand their tech portfolio.

More about the CPU:

Intel® Processor N100: A Power-Efficient Marvel

Intel is making waves in the processor market once again with its latest innovation, the Intel® Processor N100, part of the Intel N-series processor lineup. Designed under the codename Alder Lake-N, this CPU is a remarkable addition to the world of mobile computing.

Impressive Core Specifications

The Intel N100 boasts a quad-core architecture, providing users with four high-performance cores for seamless multitasking and computing. With four threads, this processor ensures efficient parallel processing, making it ideal for a range of tasks.

Turbocharged Performance

Clocking in at an impressive maximum turbo clock frequency of 3.40GHz, the N100 ensures swift and responsive computing experiences. Whether you’re running applications, streaming multimedia content, or engaging in demanding workloads, this processor delivers the performance you need.

Smart Cache for Efficient Data Handling

With 6MB of Intel® Smart Cache, the N100 optimizes data access, reducing latency, and enhancing overall system responsiveness. This smart cache allocation ensures that frequently accessed data is readily available for quick retrieval.

Energy-Efficient Design

One of the standout features of the Intel N100 is its power efficiency. With a thermal design power (TDP) of just 6W, this processor strikes a remarkable balance between performance and power consumption. It’s a compelling choice for mobile devices where battery life is a top priority.

Memory and Graphics Capabilities

The N100 supports a maximum memory size of 16GB, depending on the memory type used. It’s compatible with DDR4 3200 MT/s, DDR5 4800 MT/s, and LPDDR5 4800 MT/s, ensuring flexible memory options to suit various computing needs.

When it comes to graphics, the N100 is equipped with Intel® UHD Graphics, featuring 24 execution units and supporting 4K video at 60Hz. With video output options including eDP 1.4b, DP 1.4, HDMI 2.1, and MIPI-DSI 1.3, it provides versatility for connecting to a range of display devices.

Expansion and Connectivity

The processor’s PCIe revision is Gen 3, with a maximum of nine PCI Express lanes. This offers ample connectivity options for peripherals and expansion cards.

Innovative Technical Features

Intel has incorporated several innovative features into the N100, including the Intel® Gaussian and Neural Accelerator 3.0, Intel® Image Processing Unit 6.0, and Intel® Smart Sound Technology. These features enhance AI processing, image processing, and audio capabilities, contributing to a more immersive computing experience.

Security and Reliability

Intel’s commitment to security and reliability is evident in the N100’s feature set. It includes Intel® AES New Instructions, Intel® OS Guard, Intel® Boot Guard, and Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x), among others. These features help safeguard data and ensure system integrity.

In summary, the Intel® Processor N100 is a noteworthy addition to Intel’s lineup, offering power-efficient performance, robust graphics capabilities, and innovative features. Whether you’re using it in a mobile device or a compact computing solution, the N100 is poised to deliver a responsive and efficient computing experience.

UPE | Intel® 
2023/09/05 10:33:19
Intel® Prozessor N100 (6 MB Cache- bis zu 3-40 GHz)
Main data
Product range Intel® N-series processor
Codename Products previously called Alder Lake-N
Vertical segment mobile
Processor number N100
lithograph Intel 7
Recommended customer price $128.00
CPU specifications
Number of cores 4
Number of threads 4
Max. Turbo clock frequency 3.40GHz
Cache 6MB Intel® Smart Cache
Power loss (TDP) 6W
Additional Information
status Launched
Introduction date Q1’23
Embedded models available No
Memory specifications
Max. memory size (depending on memory type) 16 GB
Storage types DDR4 3200 MT/s DDR5 4800 MT/s LPDDR5 4800 MT/s
Maximum storage speed 4800MHz
Max. number of memory channels 1
ECC memory support ‡ No
Processor graphics
Processor graphics ‡ Intel® UHD Graphics
Max. dynamic graphics frequency 750MHz
Video output eDP 1.4b |  DP 1.4 |  HDMI 2.1 |  MIPI-DSI 1.3
Execution units 24
4K support Yes |  at 60Hz
Max. Resolution (HDMI)‡ 4096×2160@60Hz
Max Resolution (DP)‡ 4096×2160@60Hz
Support for DirectX* 12.1
OpenGL* support 4.6
OpenCL* Support 3.0
Intel® Quick Sync Video Yes
Number of screens supported ‡ 3
Device identifier 0x46D1
Expansion options
Chipset / PCH PCIe revision Gen 3
Maximum number of PCI Express lanes 9
I/O specifications
USB version 2.0/3.2
General purpose IO Yes
Package specifications
Suitable bases FCBGA1264
Max. CPU population 1
Case size 35mm x 24mm
Innovative technical features
Intel® Gaussian and Neural Accelerator 3.0
Intel® Image Processing Unit 6.0
Intel® Smart Sound Technology Yes
Intel® Wake on Voice Yes
Intel® High Definition Audio Yes
MIPI SoundWire* 1.2
Intel® Speed ​​Shift Technology Yes
Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology ‡ No
Command set 64-bit
Instruction set extensions Intel® SSE4.1 |  Intel® SSE4.2 |  Intel® AVX2
Advanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology Yes
Thermal monitoring technologies Yes
Security and reliability
Intel® AES New Instructions Yes
Intel® OS Guard Yes
Intel® Boot Guard Yes
Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x) ‡ Yes
Intel® Directed I/O Virtualization Technology (VT-d) ‡ Yes
Intel® VT-x with Extended Page Tables (EPT) ‡ Yes
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35 thoughts on “Ugreen Unveils DXP2800 and DXP4800 NAS Systems at IFA 2023

  1. I like UGREEN because they manufacture a lot of usefull accessories. This NAS looks great with its price and interfaces.
    But there is one point, that you should take in mind: can you be sure, that UGREEN will support it so many years as QNAP/Synology/ZyXEL do? I mean firmware, security updates and app center. Searching for home-made firmware on forums a year later and installing them manually through the SSH – is not what a buyer of a ready-made solution expects, if he isn’t an enthusiast who enjoys tinkering with Linux.

  2. Hi there, you were commenting that more manufacturers are creating hardware appliances that can be used with Open Source software. Which are those appliances? Do you have a review of those? It would be interesting to buy something already built so we dont have to worry for example about compatibility topics or “what goes well” with unRAID for instance. Thanks!

  3. Looking forward as well to see the software put in it, is it secure n feature for small business, which I am not very confident in at this point in time*, also would love to see your channel reviewing other alternative OS to DSM.
    *I love ugreen but for their cables, charger n accessories still

  4. The USB 3 gen 2 (3.2) ports are useful for high speed backup to an external device. After backup the external device can be detached from device and network so it can be used as insurance against ransomware.

  5. UGREEN make some good hardware/cables, so I expect a decent level of quality from this. Hopefully they allow the end user to install their own OS, as I don’t entirely trust a Chinese company, with the security of my data.

  6. Thanks for putting this on my radar ????
    Still considering going DIY but it doesn’t hurt to wait and see what Ugreen will come up with. Price and software will be crucial factors… oh, and noise also.

  7. Hmmmmmm ….. interesting Robie;
    Synology’s low-end intel/ARM NAS market start at ~$500 (ex: DS423+).
    However lots of great new brands/DIY NASes are coming-out aimed at the low-end market undercutting Synology big-time & it’ll only get worse too.
    Synology better upgrade their low-end intel/ARM NASes to compete or lose-out-on alot of its low-end market share (or something like that).
    ??What does the Sea-Gull, Eddie, & yous thinks?? 😉

  8. Hardware is perfect for me, and blows Synology out of the water. I would be very interested if I can put unraid or OMV on it. Ugreen has its own in-house OS, but it doesn’t support local accounts. A few months ago there was an incident that locked users out of their NAS because Ugreen server was down. They promised to add local account support, but not sure about the progress yet.

  9. I got quite a few Ugreen products. Mostly power supply’s and USBc cables. This company makes nice quality products.
    With this kind of specs i would have upgrade my aging DS716+ already. So yes high chance i will go for this.
    I own a couple of Topton N100 boxes in a Proxmox cluster and indeed they outperform the N5105 significantly.

  10. Oh, could this be the company that Linus was talking about regarding an in-development NAS? Coincidentally, bought a dual NIC N100 mini-PC to use as a firewall yesterday ????

    The N100 is literally everywhere now in devices. Apparently 32GB does work from various posts and products having 32GB.

  11. 2 and 4 bay, i can’t buy it now, pointless. I need a 12 bay system 6 months ago. Asustor no 12 bay, QNAP too expensive, Synology drive lock in :(, terramaster not available in more than 5 bay here, can’t find any cases more than 8 bays hot swap that aren’t rack mountable. Even finding proper raid cards is getting elusive. Does anyone have a 12 bay 3.5 inch build, plus 2x 2.5inch boot drive in raid 1 for reliability a thing in Australia?. I don’t think that is asking a hell of a lot.

  12. Looks interesting, pricing will be important. I can’t help thinking though that any processor that doesn’t have AV1 native hardware encoding, such as the forthcoming Intel CPUs, is going to need to be quickly replaced. Once the new Intel CPUs comes out with native AV1 hardware encoding, earlier CPUs are going to look dated with mere h.264 and hevc hardware encoding support.

  13. Sad really, that one can excited over an Intel N100 based device slated for next year. I’m sure its capable enough , have a mini PC of the sort, for its NAS functionality but that’s because the NAS market is saturated with old low end CPU’s to enable higher margins. Not sure I like the idea of having ‘promotional’ Unraid being fostered upon the public. If one doesn’t like/want Unraid can one just install OMV and the like or is one left with a doorstop unless one pony’s up for Unraid?

  14. If the 4 bay one is priced between 250-350€ it’s literally gonna be disruptive on the NAS market. Hopefully the RAM is manually upgradable and DDR5 too.
    The case also looks so good! I’ve been trying to make one like that for my own attempt at a NAS but I just can’t 3d model

  15. A little bit scary honestly. Based on my experience of the reliability of their more complex hardware, I’m not really sure I’d want to trust them with my data redundancy ????

  16. I got the 423+ earlier this year and I am tempted to get this ass a play around NAS if the price is right as UGreen is pretty priced well with the other products. I keep refreshing the website hoping for more Info