Jonsbo N4 NAS Enclosure Released

The Jonsbo N4 6/8-Bay NAS Enclosure has been Revealed

The Jonsbo N4 NAS Enclosure marks an addition to the brand’s lineup, featuring cube-shaped Micro-ATX cases designed specifically for DIY NAS server builds. These enclosures are available in two colours: black and white, each incorporating a distinctive design that includes a classy wood embellishment on the front side of the upper compartment.

Model: N4 (Black / White)

Dimensions: 286mm (W) x 300mm (D) x 228mm (H) / Material: 0.7mm Steel + Wood, Weight: 3.75kg

Storage: 6x 3.5″ HDD slots + 2x 2.5″ SSD slots

Motherboard: ITX / Micro-ATX

Ports: 1x Type-C USB, 1x USB 3.0 Type-A

PSU: SFX (up to 125mm in length) / Maximum CPU Cooler Height: ≤70mm

PCI Expansion: x4 , Maximum Graphics Card Length: ≤230mm

Cooling: 1x 120mm fan (built-in)

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Jonsbo N4 NAS Case Design

The case supports a Micro-ATX motherboard tray, low-profile expansion cards, and offers compatibility for CPU coolers up to 70 mm in height. The inclusion of eight drive caddies, with six designated for 3.5-inch drives and two for 2.5-inch drives, all equipped with SATA 6 Gbps backplanes for hot-plugging, underlines its focus on storage flexibility.

One of the key features of the N4 series is its storage capacity, which includes eight drive bays in total. This comprises six 3.5-inch bays and two 2.5-inch bays, all equipped with SATA 6 Gbps backplanes for hot-plugging capabilities. This configuration allows for a versatile setup of storage drives, meeting the demands for high storage capacity in NAS applications. The design ensures that these drive bays are easily accessible and maintained, promoting a user-friendly experience for installing and upgrading storage devices.

Cooling is managed within the enclosure by a single, built-in 120mm fan located at the rear, aimed at providing sufficient airflow to maintain optimal operating temperatures for the drives and other internal components. The enclosure’s cooling system is further supported by its design, which includes a perforated front panel for the lower compartment housing the drive bays and additional perforations along the sides and top of the upper compartment. This design choice aids in effective cooling, crucial for the reliability and longevity of the NAS server built within.

Jonsbo N4 NAS Case Connections

For connectivity and external interfaces, the N4 NAS Enclosure is equipped with a type-A USB 3.2 port and a USB 3.2 type-C port, conveniently located on the classy wood embellishment at the front side of the upper compartment. This choice of materials and placement not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the case but also ensures easy access to the ports for quick connections. The inclusion of these modern USB standards caters to the need for high-speed data transfer, a significant aspect for NAS systems that handle large volumes of data.

In terms of compatibility, the N4 series supports MicroATX and Mini-ITX motherboard form factors, with accommodation for up to four low-profile expansion slots. It allows for the installation of graphics cards up to 230 mm in length and CPU coolers up to 70 mm in height, as well as SFX power supplies with a maximum depth of 125 mm. While these specifications may limit some options for high-end components, they are adequate for building a compact and efficient NAS system.

The Jonsbo N4 NAS Enclosure provides a balanced solution for users looking to assemble a NAS server with a focus on storage capacity, cooling efficiency, and a compact footprint.

When Will the Jonsbo N4 NAS Case Be Released and the Price?

Regarding price and availability, the cost of the Jonsbo N4 NAS Enclosure is yet to be confirmed (TBC), but potential buyers can anticipate a price point similar to the previously released Jonsbo N3 model. The initial release is expected to be available through popular online platforms such as Aliexpress and Amazon, which are often the first to stock new products from Jonsbo. This approach allows for wider availability and accessibility to a global audience eagerly awaiting new NAS solutions. The full release and widespread availability of the Jonsbo N4 NAS Enclosure are projected for Spring 2024, aligning with the company’s strategy to introduce innovative products in a timely manner. As anticipation builds, NASCompares plans to conduct a thorough review of the enclosure, offering insights and evaluations to potential users. This forthcoming review will provide valuable information on the N4’s performance, build quality, and overall value, assisting in informed decision-making for those considering this enclosure for their NAS server builds.

Check AliExpress HERECheck Amazon HERE Check AliExpress HERECheck Amazon HERE


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      If you like this service, please consider supporting us.
      We use affiliate links on the blog allowing NAScompares information and advice service to be free of charge to you. Anything you purchase on the day you click on our links will generate a small commission which is used to run the website. Here is a link for Amazon and B&H. You can also get me a ☕ Ko-fi or old school Paypal. Thanks! To find out more about how to support this advice service check HERE   If you need to fix or configure a NAS, check Fiver   Have you thought about helping others with your knowledge? Find Instructions Here  

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      31 thoughts on “Jonsbo N4 NAS Enclosure Released

      1. I’d like to hear how loud is the N3 case. The bottom fans (2 of them) are 100mm, compared with the N2 which has a single 120mm fan. The top fans look to be 80mm (or smaller). Won’t these get loud? Also, can you use a fanless PSU (e.g. SeaSonic SS-400FL2)?

      2. Hello, thank you very much for the video, the truth is that I am very good at the topic of NAS, I usually pay for Google Drive but I am already spending 350 dollars a year, and I have seen or am considering the option of a NAS but I wanted to ask you something very specifically, I hope you can help me: Let’s see if the NAS is useful for what I want: we have photographers throughout the country of Colombia but each photographer is in a different city, I want to assign them a user and an amount of space and that they can only enter their space and with your user and they cannot see what others do, is that possible? Ty so much for your time

      3. Anyone using jonsbo n3, the height clerance is 298mm, does this include the bottom rubber stand. Would like to know the rubber can be unscrew out to make it lower than 298mm.

      4. I’ve got a fractal Node 304 running a socket 2011-3 xeon, 64gb ram, and all 6 internal 3.5″ slots populated. I wish I’d have known that the Jonsbo N3 was either a thing or going to be a thing before I put this thing together. I had to get very creative with the SATA power and data connectors in the 304 to keep from running them into my Noctua fan on the cpu cooler. And even with a fully modular PSU the cramped space makes me hate it. There’s decent airflow between the drives and towards the CPU fan but.. that gives time for the drives to heat the air on the way to the CPU. Not sure if that’s a big deal or not but the thing is running well enough.

        I’m half tempted to tear the whole thing down and stuff it into an N3. Especially with the addition of the drive status LED’s and two more SATA bays.

      5. 0:09: ???? This video compares the Johnb N2 and Johnb N3 systems, highlighting seven important differences.
        3:33: ???? The video discusses the features of two ITX motherboards that support M2 mvme slots and have multiple bays for storage.
        5:58: ???? The video discusses the differences in vibration dissipation and ventilation between the N2 and N3 systems.
        9:14: ???? The N3 system has better active and passive cooling capabilities compared to the other system.
        12:12: ???? The video discusses the placement and functionality of an internal PSU in a computer case.
        15:31: ???? The video discusses the importance of CPU heat sinks and fans in dissipating heat and the limited space for expansion cards in ITX motherboards.
        18:42: ???? The Jbow N3 case offers more space and better compatibility for larger and more powerful PCI upgrades compared to the Jbow N2 case.
        Recapped using TammyAI

      6. Hello, first thanks for the amazing help. You have me helped to decide building my own NAS. But I have a question. I have bought a Jonsbo N3 case. But there are no cooling fans behind the case. Can you tell me which fan coolers I can use for the Jonsbo N3 case on AliExpress ? Because it was not clear in the video !!!

      7. I’m doing a hypothetical nas build that I’m gonna build once I have the finances, and the jonsbo cases were super interesting to me. I wanna use an intel 13th gen, the 13500 specifically, and this video convinced me to get the N3, as well as having more drive bays, the possibility for more storage later is alluring, especially given that it’s relatively not much more expensive, I think it’s a much better pick than the N2

      8. You could also consider the Fractal Design Node 304 for a 4 bay unit which has sufficient room for a small GPU card and standard ATX power supply.
        Space is tight if you select a fairly powerful CPU and large air-cooling device. Temperatures are brilliant with 4 noctua fans.

      9. Apparently the official jonsbo line on the molex and sata power connectors on the backplane is that all 3 need to be used when all 8 bays are populated.

        In terms of fans noctua nfa9 92mm will replace the jonsbo 100mm ones at the bottom, and nfa8 80mm will fit at the top.

      10. Hi. I wanna. Hold a NAS for holding my media. No need to transcode and I’m using a Zidoo player in each of my rooms. Would the budget n2 build be ok for that. 4k rips etc

      11. After my sick build I had to tear it all down I had to add the Noctua NH-U9S black as it just fits and is a tower design which works better with the Noctua fan Swap I did.

      12. Am I the only one, who is not completely in line the with the choice of SFX psu for those kinds of machines? These home nas machines mostly run at idle/ with a pretty low powered cpu. 1. The PSUs are quite big and use up space that could otherwise be used for additional HDD. 2. They are often 300-400W in power. Which is quite overkill for for example a i3-12100 and 5 HDDs. I think the use of a pico PSU + good quality power brick would be a more sensible choice. What do you think?

      13. I really like the N3 case but Mini-itx motherboards seem so limiting. I want something to last 5 years or more. I’d like to start out with something with 2.5G/1G built in networking with the ability to add a GPU on a PCIe slot later. I can only find Mini-itx boards with a single PCIe x 16 slot. However, I want the ability to upgrade to 10gb networking later. I heard that m.2 slots can be turned into 10Gbe networking but not sure if that is something I should consider. Do mini-itx with 2.5Gb builtin and 2 pcie slots exist?

      14. The nic on the Z690M-ITX/ax is from Realtek and I heard this brand of nic has some issues especially for Truenas and some other Unix varients due to missing or buggy drivers. Is that still true? @nascompares

      15. So I bought motherboard from Ali: N6005 and … both Jonsbo: N2 and N3. So far I have only 4x 3.5″ disks but… thinking upgrade N3 is the only option – the mobo I bought has 6 SATA ports and using M2 one can ad up to 5 more. But in N2 there is only place for 5 SATA 3.5″ disk. So if someone does not think more than 5 disks, N2 is more than enough. My complete system reports <50W on AC side - my SFX PSU is 450W - no idea why I bought such big one ;-) Of course why would you need GPU for real NAS - this mobo is not capable for anything else - just NAS. But the NAS one can build either on TrueNAS or... Debian -both will work great - btw on Debian one will have much more possibility to configure - I realised TrueNAS is superb but it is not really for anything but NAS. Much easier to go for Debian if one wants containers or so. Just my 3 cents.

      16. Those dual 100mm fans on the N3 are so dumb. 100mm fans basically don’t exist, I don’t think Noctua makes one etc. There was plenty of room for 120mm fans on a case that size.