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36 thoughts on “QNAP QTS 5.1 Beta – First Impressions

  1. I just updated and it no longer displays my website that I have on my nas. I used to access it regularly.
    It’s a php website that uses a sql database.
    I’m left with the blank page with a 500 error.
    Some advice? Thank you

  2. I can’t wait for this. I was already excited before I saw your video, but now … 😉

    Also, +1 on QNAP’s advertising for this release. At one point, I thought it had already released and wen to my NAS to try to enable SMB multichannel. Marketing a beta like production software (or at the very least not plastering warnings all over it) is not just misleading, it’s also likely to blow up in QNAP’s face if they get a lot of people upgrading early and experiencing lost data or something…

    Unforced error.

  3. My Asustor was a horrendous disaster, in fact its been put back in its box since the 2nd randomware attack that came through *their own* update system. Seems QNAP are doing some great things & listening to the community. I use a R.Pi4b & usb3 to sata & bare drives. Maybe its time to buy a QNAP

  4. This release seems to be several steps in the right direction. We have indeed noticed that the option to automatically install the latest firmware was working this time. Which was okay, we opted-in. And good, because QNAP reported a Linux security issue 🙁
    Now only hope QNAP never ever publishes (pushes) a firmware-update that could brick your NAS.
    As for security, next to a (limited) time-window another requirement (I believe) would be (also) the means to give that security-access/change for x-times. E.g. a user can be provided 3x times the option to use the heightened security-level (= 3x times until login/logout), plus maybe the (source) IP address (optional), time-of-day, day-of-the-week etc?
    BTW, SMB multi-channel was already available for a long time but “hidden”.

  5. beware – this breaks the Jellyfin install from one of your previous videos. Had to downgrade the firmware, made my array unusablle. Luckily I have a backup of all my media files on a 16tb ironwolf. Jellyfin is great but library scans take forever like 5 to 6 hours. Willing to stay with it for free transcoding but it is a right royal pain in the neck

  6. It’s a major improvement. I really want QNAP to close the software gap with Synology. I love QNAP devices due to being they are very generous with hardware compared to Synology.

  7. Thanks for all your great videos – I am looking to upgrade my NAS and have settled on a Qnap TS-673A it will be my “home” NAS should I use QTS Hero ZFS or QTS 5 as my OP? Which is best? One of the main things I want to use is MyCloudLink (which I presume I can use on both OP)

  8. Latest QTS 5 firmware update lost every user’s “home” folder when connecting via AFP in a finder window, only shared folders are shown. Even disabling and enabling home folders in users don’t take any effect. Only In browser UI the home folder is working properly.

  9. I have TS253be and update to QTS 5.0 but NAS force me to initialize NAS (Reset NAS set up)
    My raid was gone (Raid 1) while I Initialized NAS to start 5.0 and I try to back up my data to external hdd
    but my 2nd disk was gone while back up I can recovery data 70% (Lost forever 30%) T.T
    Do you have problem to upgrade like me?

  10. I had to roll back.
    5.0.0. gave me two weird issues.
    1. The fans went to 100% and stuck there, regardless of any setting or actual system temp.
    2. (And this one is really weird) IR remote button pushes would be registered twice, but only around 25-33% of the time.

    I rolled back AND forward three times to check and double check these issues. I’m staying with 4.5.x until I know 5.x.x has the bugs ironed out.

  11. i have found the file permission are better but….. in my case the everyone group has no rights assigned to it when checking on qnap.not denied not ro or rw. when you create a user via qnap and assign rights via windows. somewhere along the line everyone has now changed to denied access…..simply just remove anyone from the resource…but not the right way?

  12. FULL Written Review of QNAP QTS 5 – https://nascompares.com/2021/10/08/qnap-qts-5-0-nas-software-review-worth-your-data/
    01:50 – Disclaimers & Review Considerations
    05:25 – Start – QTS Change of Focus
    07:00 – QTS 5 vs QTS 4.5 GUI, Design, The Good, the Bad & the Awkward
    10:13 – Responsiveness
    10:44 – Things That Have Not Changed
    11:30 – Security, Notifications & Control
    14:25 – Control Panel
    15:39 – Storage Manager
    17:25 – Remote Mounting & Cloud Gateways
    18:40 – File Management
    20:30 – Multimedia Control & Sharing
    27:00 – Storage Continued – Health & Checks
    29:00 – Synchronization & Backup Tools
    36:35 – Virtual Machines, Containers & Ubuntu VMs
    41:05 – VMware, Hyper-V and SaaS Backups
    43:14 – HDMI Services & HD Station
    45:00 – Surveillance Tools & Services
    49:00 – Licenses, Good & Bad
    51:00 – QSirch, QFile, Teamviewer, Hybrid Mount and the Conclusion

  13. awesome, perfect video as always; you’re the best source for nas – especially on qnap, i would say. Possessor of the – NOWADAYS pretty old – ts231+P and i still use it as my daily driver; with the new qts 5 now, seems even more faster