Seagate’s Mozaic 3+ Sets New Standard in Storage Capacity with 30TB+ Hard Drives


Seagate, a leader in mass-data storage solutions, has introduced its groundbreaking Mozaic 3+ hard drive platform. This innovation is set to redefine storage capacities, offering 3TB+ per platter and planning for future expansions to 4TB+ and 5TB+ per platter. The Mozaic 3+ leverages Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) technology to achieve these impressive densities.

The significance of Seagate’s areal density innovation cannot be overstated. As AI and big data continue to evolve, the demand for massive raw data sets increases. Seagate’s technology enables customers to store more data in the same physical space, a crucial advantage in the current technological landscape.

An important aspect of the Mozaic 3+ is its contribution to sustainability. It offers a substantial 55% reduction in embodied carbon per terabyte compared to traditional drives. This feature aligns with the growing emphasis on environmental responsibility in the tech industry, especially pertinent for customers with large-scale storage needs.

The Mozaic 3+ is a part of Seagate’s Exos product family, with drives of 30TB and beyond now shipping to hyperscale cloud customers. This platform not only doubles the capacity in the same footprint when compared to 16TB PMR drives but also improves per terabyte power consumption by 40%.

Seagate’s CEO, Dave Mosley, highlights the unique position of Seagate in the market, being the only manufacturer capable of reaching these areal density milestones. He emphasizes the increasing importance of areal density in meeting the data storage needs driven by AI and other data-intensive applications.

The Mozaic 3+ platform isn’t just about HAMR technology. It incorporates several industry-first innovations, such as the Superlattice Platinum-Alloy Media for increased magnetic stability and precision in data storage. Additionally, it features a Plasmonic Writer with an integrated nanophotonic laser, and a Gen 7 Spintronic Reader, making the reading of small data grains possible. To manage these technologies, Seagate developed a 12nm Integrated Controller, boosting performance significantly compared to previous solutions.

John Rydning, Research Vice President at IDC Global DataSphere, acknowledges the critical role of hard drive areal density improvements, especially for data centers. He views Seagate’s innovation as a timely and crucial development for the industry.

Beyond data centers, the Mozaic 3+ technology is set to benefit a wide array of applications, including enterprise, edge computing, NAS, and video and imaging applications. This versatility further emphasizes the platform’s potential impact across various sectors.

For more information about Mozaic 3+ technologies and products, visit Seagate’s dedicated page. Additional resources, including images and supplementary materials, are also available for further insights into this groundbreaking technology.

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