Synology DS923+ 4-bay 10GbE NAS now officially released

Synology DS923+ 4-bay 10GbE NAS is now officially released today.

Dependable Performance Up to 625/559 MB/s sequential read/write throughput makes file operations quick and efficient

Optional 10GbE connectivity to tackle more specialized, bandwidth-heavy applications

Easy Capacity Expansion Add 5 extra drive bays with one DX517 expansion unit for a maximum of 9 storage drives

Up to 32 GB DDR4 ECC memory offers protection against potential crashes and inadvertent changes in data through automatic correction of data errors

Two built-in M.2 NVMe SSD slots7 and an optional 10GbE RJ-45 Network Upgrade Module2

Synology DS923+ Hardware Overview

Synology DS923+ Technical Specifications

CPU Model AMD Ryzen R1600
CPU Quantity 1
CPU Architecture 64-bit
CPU Frequency 2-core 2.6 (base) / 3.1 (turbo) GHz
Hardware Encryption Engine (AES-NI)
System Memory 4 GB DDR4 ECC
Memory Module Pre-installed 4 GB (4 GB x 1)
Total Memory Slots 2
Maximum Memory Capacity 32 GB (16 GB x 2)
  • Synology reserves the right to replace memory modules with the same or higher frequency based on supplier’s product life cycle status. Rest assured that the compatibility and stability have been strictly verified with the same benchmark to ensure identical performance.
  • Please select Synology memory modules for optimum compatibility and reliability. Synology will not provide complete product warranty or technical support if non-Synology memory modules are used for memory expansion.
Drive Bays 4
Maximum Drive Bays with Expansion Unit 9 (DX517 x 1)
M.2 Drive Slots 2 (NVMe)
Compatible Drive Type* (See all supported drives)
  • 3.5″ SATA HDD
  • 2.5″ SATA SSD
  • M.2 2280 NVMe SSD
Hot Swappable Drive*
  • The hot swappable drive feature is not supported by M.2 SSD slots.
  • “Compatible drive type” indicates drives that have been tested to be compatible with Synology products. This term does not indicate the maximum connection speed of each drive bay.
External Ports
RJ-45 1GbE LAN Port* 2 (with Link Aggregation / Failover support)
USB 3.2 Gen 1 Port* 2
eSATA Port 1
  • This device’s 1GbE LAN ports have a maximum transmission unit (MTU) size of 1,500 bytes.
  • The USB 3.0 standard was renamed to USB 3.2 Gen 1 by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) in 2019.
PCIe Expansion 1 x Gen3 x2 network upgrade slot
File System
Internal Drives
  • Btrfs
  • EXT4
External Drives
  • Btrfs
  • EXT4
  • EXT3
  • FAT
  • NTFS
  • HFS+
  • exFAT
Notes exFAT Access can be installed for free from Package Center in DSM 7.0. In DSM 6.2 or earlier versions, exFAT Access needs to be purchased in Package Center.
Size (Height x Width x Depth) 166 mm x 199 mm x 223 mm
Weight 2.24 kg
System Fan 92 mm x 92 mm x 2 pcs
Fan Speed Mode
  • Full-Speed Mode
  • Cool Mode
  • Quiet Mode
Brightness Adjustable Front LED Indicators
Power Recovery
Noise Level* 22.9 dB(A)
Scheduled Power On / Off
Wake on LAN / WAN
Power Supply Unit / Adapter 100 W
AC Input Power Voltage 100V to 240V AC
Power Frequency 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
Power Consumption 35.51 W (Access)
11.52 W (HDD Hibernation)
British Thermal Unit 121.09 BTU/hr (Access)
39.28 BTU/hr (HDD Hibernation)
  • For more information on how power consumption is measured, refer to this article.
  • Noise testing was conducted with the Synology system fully installed with Synology SATA HDDs and in an idle stae. Two G.R.A.S. Type 40AE microphones are placed at a 1 m distance from the front and rear of the device. Background noise: 16.49-17.51 dB(A); Temperature: 24.25-25.75˚C; Humidity: 58.2-61.8%
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Storage Temperature -20°C to 60°C (-5°F to 140°F)
Relative Humidity 5% to 95% RH
  • FCC
  • CE
  • BSMI
  • VCCI
  • RCM
  • UKCA
  • EAC
  • CCC
  • KC
3-year hardware warranty, extendable to 5 years with EW201 or Extended Warranty Plus
  • Availability varies by region. Before purchasing, please visit the official web pages of EW201/202 and Extended Warranty Plus for a list of eligible regions.
  • The warranty period starts from the purchase date as stated on your purchase receipt. (Learn more)
RoHS Compliant
Packaging Content
  • Main Unit X 1
  • Accessory Pack X 1
  • AC Power Adapter X 1
  • AC Power Cord X 1
  • RJ-45 LAN Cable X 2
  • Quick Installation Guide X 1
Optional Accessories

DS923+ specs PDF

Click to access Synology_DS923%2B_Data_Sheet_enu.pdf


Package contents

• 1 x DS923+ main unit

• 1 x Quick Installation Guide

• 1 x Accessory pack

• 1 x AC power adapter

• 1 x AC power cord

• 2 x RJ-45 LAN cables

Synology DS923+ Performance

SMB 10GbE – Sequential Throughput with HDD (64KB)

Model RS422+ DS923+
Read 601.99 592.65
Write 546.60 562.54


SMB 10GbE – Sequential Throughput with Encrypted Shared Folders and HDD (64KB)

Model RS422+ DS923+
Read 578.15 577.57
Write 538.64 561.41

SMB 10GbE – Sequential Throughput with M.2 NVMe SSD (64KB)

Model DS923+
Read 1,179.75
Write 772.84


SMB 1GbE – Sequential Throughput with HDD (64KB)

1GbE Web Server – Nginx PHP Response Performance with HDD


Synology DS923+ HDD limitations


Synology DS923+ NVMe M.2 cache compatibility


Can I use NVME SSD for storage pools instead of cache?

Sounds like Synology now supports NVMe volumes. But only if you use their own NVMe SSDs. This is to be tested soon.

  1. Synology SNV3400 series M.2 NVMe SSD drives can be installed through the built-in M.2 slots to enable SSD caching or create SSD storage pools. Drives are sold separately.

Here is a Synology in-house Nvme volume speed tests
SMB 10GbE – Sequential Throughput with M.2 NVMe SSD (64KB)

Model DS923+
Read 1,179.75
Write 772.84

Synology DS923+ RAM upgrade


Synology DS923+ Hardware Installation Guide

Click to access DS923p_HIG_enu.pdf

Click to access Syno_UsersGuide_NAServer_7.1_enu.pdf



Synology DS923+ Availability

The Synology DS923+ is available starting today through Synology partners and resellers worldwide. For more information on DS923+, please visit

Price in USA –  Amazon $599.99 [16th Nov 2022]

Follow the price here

Best DS923plus price



Synology DS923+ NAS Review


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55 thoughts on “Synology DS923+ 4-bay 10GbE NAS now officially released

  1. I was going to buy this as my first NAS as I run a small electrical business and also run a PLEX server with only a handful (around 40 titles) of 1080P MKV files.
    I use my laptop for my business use but, as my business and client base are expanding, I’m finding I’m maxing the storage capacity of my laptop which now runs like an old Ford Cortina where it once ran like a Ferrari.
    My current PLEX server is an Nvidia Shield (2017) so I guess I could use that to process any transcoding etc etc.

    I would use 3 x 6TB Toshiba M300’s in a RIAD1 configuration which I feel would be ample space for at least another 5 years or so.
    I do plan to create more MKV files but only in 1080p although I do own an LG C2 OLED so 4k is do-able….

    Any thoughts??

  2. Lol one of the first real tech reviews I’ve seen. Giving a real review with real pros and cons not “fake positive cons” really help solidify the information as being useful. Great job

  3. Something that I don’t think has been mentioned is physically transferring HDDs from an older Intel NAS to the DS923+. I believe you could transfer drives from, say, a DS918+ to a DS920+, but will drives from a 918 be accepted in the 923 considering it’s a Ryzen CPU?

  4. I am a Sports photographer, and I’m gathering more and more external drives as time passes, so it’s time to go NAS. Which one would be the best for photographers? Just to put the files, and have security on it? I spend around 6/8 TB per year. Using 2021 27’’ IMac. I need fast reading as I work the photos inside the external drive not in the computer main drive. Cheers. Happy new year

  5. Looking to upgrade my NAS, but I don’t know man. I think I’m done with Synology. They just seem underpowered and overpriced these days. They have a bunch of models, but none seems to be a good value anymore. At least for me.

  6. According to cpu-monkey and Geekbench 5 the R1600 is even slower than the J4125 in multi-core benchmark. That makes sense since hyperthreading / SMT can not make up for real cores. Also considering the high power consumption, I think it’s the wrong choice for this kind of device.

  7. That was very helpful, thank you! I’m looking for a NAS that will enable me to do video intensive video editing of 4k h264 files. I will do that on 2 macs (imacPro 2017 and MacStudio 2022). So I assume 10GbE is a must have for a NAS. I don’t need all that much storage space because I archive most of the stuff that I finished working on.
    Do you think the DS923+ is the way to go, or would you recommend something else?
    Any help is greatly appreciated. For a layman all the NAS options seem a bit overwhelming.

  8. Maybe I’m missing something? I run a synology nas and use the infuse app for apple on all my apple 4K’s for media streaming. What am I missing out on not running plex? I’m guessing all the magic is happening inside the phone or Apple TV because my nas or media never lags when watching 4K hdr10 or Dolby vision title. Seems like so manny people worry about plex performance is this just because they don’t use Apple devices? I tried plex it was pretty bad at stream when the nas needed to decode or whatever.

  9. Looks like Synology have discontinued the 920+ for some reason (no longer on their website) so looks like no option but to purchase 923+ now for the normal person maybe have to find another brand instead (was looking for 920+ on a Black Friday deal but seems no one really offering it. Oh well time for re-think on what to do now

  10. So how will the 923+ handle surveillance station without the embedded GPU? 6 x 4K cameras for example. Is this going to be able to record and handle remote viewing on i devices? Better or worse than the 920+? I don’t have or want plex, just curious about the surveillance video aspects.

  11. This is not a review but a sales pitch. Stick to FACTs and not hopes or suppostions. Very disappointing ‘review’, with little mention of the Synology lock in of added gear to make it work. No 2.5 or 10G network as standard. What a joke.

  12. I was waiting for this to replace my aging DS412 which cannot run VM’s or Dockers which I need to install Home Assistant (home automation). However, a 2 core CPU does not mesh well with virtualization (I agree that threads are not cores …). The lack of a 2.5 GB ethernet port and the higher power use are just the final nails in the coffin for me, I’ll be skipping this model and hang on to my DS412 for the moment …

  13. So, not only is it missing 2.5gbps, and has a proprietary insert card for 10/5/2.5 wich will cost closer to 100-150 euro, it requires their OWN EXPENSIVE DRIVES.

    Im not expecting the “base” ds923 (none-plus) to support essential features, like the expansion card, virtualisation, ram upgrading.
    They are going to force people who have a 920+ or similar to switch to another manufacturer all together.

    Synology is greedy and will loose alot of favor in the home user department, wich in long term will hurt them as people dont get used to their software/hardware early.

  14. *Important* Interested in the software that the Synology DS923+ NAS Arrives with? Check out my MASSIVE Synology DSM 7.1 Software Review HERE –

  15. This „before you buy“ helped me alot. Conclusion for me as multimedia guy: wait and hope that Synology will release a DS with integrated GPU or looking to Qnap and hope that they make their NAS SW secure regarding Cyberattacks… But how long do I have to continue waiting for that …. Maybe another two years ????????

  16. According to the spec sheet the NVMe SSDs can be used for “additional storage pools.”

    The Synology DS923+ is a capable 4-bay NAS solution that can be adjusted and expanded as your needs change, with optional support for up to nine drives, faster networking, and NVMe SSDs for caching or additional storage pools. Powered by Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), it offers a flexible all-in-one solution for data sharing, synchronization, backup, and surveillance.

  17. Thanks for the video. Everything about this device tells me to change to QNAP after 15 years of using only Synology. The only thing that still has me on the fence is that it will not be as compatible using my old Synology for backing up from my new NAS.

    Using it mainly for media the AMD processor is a big minus. I’d consider the 920+ which keeps my new CAT7e network unused. QNAP doesn’t have DSM. Dilemma.

  18. Out of the box, this is mostly a downgrade or level with the prior version. Worse power efficiency and limited support for third party drives are the ones that affect me, and it grates that I have to pay relatively a lot extra for up-to-date networking. I just want a big, simple, super fast storage engine on the network for two photo / video editors. I could make the DS923+ work, but I’m going to take a hard look at QNAP and others. I love my DS218j, which taught me the joys of NAS. But Synology just seems a bit hostile to its customers.

  19. I’m glad instead of doing a long form 30-40 minute review you did a much shorter 33 minute video ????. Haha I’m just messing around, this was really helpful. I’m on the fence with the ds923+. I am a heavy Plex user and some family members use my current server with transcoding outside my home, but I use an Apple TV 4K and mostly do direct play myself. I have fast upload speeds, so maybe since I’ll be able to connect this over Ethernet, it’ll be fast enough for any family members to also direct play. The overall faster CPU and potentially faster Ethernet ports seem like nice upgrades over the 920+. Decisions, decisions. Thanks again for the info! I’ve been following your videos over the last couple of months as I’ve been trying to narrow down my choices for a new, first NAS.

  20. Short answer is no. This NAS is a fine file server, but way over priced. For less money you can get a Terra or Asustor and get the same performance. If you wanted to go prosumer, QNAP really is the only way to go. I went with 453E and it works extremely well and is just amazing in all that it can do. Sadly Synology is going very cheap to bump bottom line and is focusing on file serving.

  21. I bought the Asustor Lokerstor Gen 2 4 bay and it’s really fast. I even enabled to generate frames in Plex and it did that flawlessly while downloading data with download manager and watching a movie.

  22. Thank you for saving people from big purchasing mistakes! When I saw it didn’t have an Intel CPU, I thought about Plex Transcoding performance immediately. I would like to see benchmark comparison with the DS920+ for Plex performance…please ????

  23. For Plex users that still need to transcode I think the best option would be just to use the DS923+ as a file server . Pick up an 8th gen or newer intel NUC for transcoding duties and point the folder share to the DS923+ where your Plex media would be stored.

  24. Can I have a TLDW? Buy 923 or 920? 923 has ECC, more energy consumption and faster clock speed. So 920 right? For having more dedicated cores and more importantly that sweeet sweet transcoding action

    Edit: I cant wait for the upgraded models for 1622+ 1622xs+. Would it be alright to expect them to release these in a years time or are these already new?

  25. Noticed this on Synology’s website on the DS923+ product page “Synology SNV3400 series M.2 NVMe SSD drives can be installed through the built-in M.2 slots to enable SSD caching or create SSD storage pools”. This does look like Synology will enable NVME will be allowed for storage pools.

  26. Thank you very much for your video and your invested efforts!

    Could you tell me, with how many tablets/mobile phones could you use to access and watch videos on the NAS from the Internet?

  27. On the RAM front, I’ve been running my 920+ with 20GB RAM (Timetec 16GB stick installed) for months without an issue. Other things will be a bottleneck before the RAM for me. When I had just the basic 4GB, RAM was being fully utilised for some operations but 20GB I’ve never seen pushed. At least when I’ve checked.

  28. You can already turn the NVMEs into a storage pool. Pretty straightforward as RAID1, and a gamechanger for putting things like Plex or Docker directly on that NVME storage pool. Blazing fast!

  29. Always, thank you for great video sharing. I just bought my 920+ last week, upgrade from ds214play . After compare and found the new features offer in 923+ is just not what really need the wait.

  30. Eddie was right on the button! this is a low level business NAS, rather than a Mid/high level SOHO/Prosumer user! Big pass for me. I so much wanted to upgrade next year! Not happening for me now with this model, I’ll stick with my 918 for now, no way going to Qnap (just because of DSM, but for how much longer?).