Synology DS218J or DS218+ NAS

Best 2-bay NAS for domestic use – DS218j or DS218+


I am not IT-savvy or tech-savvy.
I am looking for easy setup, management for backup and storage device.

Recommended by my friend and would like to seek how best you can advise.

Main purpose is for photos, video and file. What is available under current model you can recommend.

DS218j or DS218+
Good morning Koh

Thank you for your message, I hope I can help (spot of British modesty there). I apologise for any typos in my reply, this is being composed whilst on the move. Additionally, forgive the slight delaying my reply, this is a one-man show and as I am sure you can appreciate, everyone loves a bit of free support. Anyway, moving this rather stereotypical English apologetic introduction aside, on to your question.

I would definitely recommend a Synology NAS, such as the DS218J (if your budget is a little tight) and the DS218+ (if you have a little more to spend and want a much more future proof backup/file solution). I would recommend checking out the two links below:

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Where to Buy the Synology DS218j or DS218+ NAS

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