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Synology DS1821+ NAS – Unofficial 32GB & 64GB Memory Upgrade

How to Upgrade the RAM in your Synology DS1821+ to 32GB and 64GB RAM Unofficially Back in Autumn 2020, when the Synology DS1821+ was first released, many users were surprised at the maximum memory an type of locked limit that the manufacturers stated on the specifications – 32GB of ECC DDR4 to be precise (spread […]

Synology DS1821+ NAS Hardware Review

Synology DS1821+ NAS Review Even to the most casual follower of network-attached storage, 2020 has been a fantastically truncated year of new hardware releases. Perhaps it is because the supply chain has been so fragmented worldwide, with people adjusting to new working practices, or perhaps it is simply the brand readjusting their release strategies in […]