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Qnap TS-855X NAS spotted

  What we know so far:   CPU Intel ® Atom® C5125 8-core processor, 2.8GHz CPU Architecture 64-bit x86 Floating Point Unit Encryption Engine (AES-NI) Hardware-accelerated Transcoding System Memory 8 GB UDIMM DDR4 (1 x 8 GB) Maximum Memory 128 GB (4 x 32 GB) Memory Slot 4 x U-DIMM DDR4 Support ECC memory Flash […]

The Storaxa Kickstarter NAS – The Story So Far…

The Storaxa NAS Kickstarter – A New Kind of Solution? Note – This Article is being updated Monthly, so scroll ahead a couple of page lengths to the latest updates. Alternatively, use the chapters above to skip directly ahead. What is the Storaxa Kickstarter NAS and why is it a big deal to alot of […]

Synology IP cameras BC500 and TC500 released

Synology Introduces New Bullet and Turret IP Cameras for Enhanced Security Synology, a leading provider of network-attached storage (NAS) solutions, has recently released two new IP cameras designed to enhance security in homes and businesses. The BC500 and TC500 cameras are both bullet and turret types, respectively, and come packed with advanced features that make […]

Synology BC500 and TC500 Surveillance Cameras

Synology Release the BC500 and TC500 NAS IP Cameras for Surveillance Station It’s been over five months since Synology revealed that they were in the process of releasing their own NAS surveillance cameras for use in conjunction with Surveillance Station, but today is the official release date for the Synology BC500 bullet camera and TC500 […]

Crucial T700 PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSD is available

Exciting news in the world of technology! Micron’s subsidiary, Crucial, has unveiled the first PCIe 5.0 SSD, the Crucial T700. This new generation SSD achieves up to 12 GB/s and 1.5 million IOPS, making it twice as fast as the previous generation with PCIe 4.0. The controller is the Phison E26, and the T700 uses […]

Qnap QVP-63B and QVP-85B NVR security surveillance server released

Qnap QVP-63B and QVP-85B NVR security surveillance server released

Exciting news for all security surveillance enthusiasts! The QVP-63B QVR Pro dedicated machine has just been released, and it is a game-changer in the world of surveillance technology. This desktop security surveillance server provides real-time image and audio surveillance, high-quality video recording, and simultaneous playback of multiple IP cameras. One of the standout features of […]

Qnap TS-855eU released

Exciting news for all NAS enthusiasts! Qnap has just released the TS-855eU and TS-855eU-RP models, equipped with powerful Intel Atom C5125 8-core processors and 8 GB of DDR4 memory (with support for up to 64 GB), making them the perfect choice for heavy-duty data storage and processing tasks. These 2U rackmount devices feature eight hot-swappable […]

Synology DS423+ Released (4-Bay Plus Series NAS)

Synology Announces New DS423+ NAS with NVMe Storage Pools and Powerful CPU – March 15th 2023. Synology, a leading provider of network-attached storage (NAS) solutions, has announced its latest addition to its lineup – the DS423+. This new NAS comes packed with features, including NVMe storage pools and a powerful CPU borrowed from the previously […]

Synology DS423 released (4-bay value series NAS)

[Update: Now released everywhere else – 17 May 2023] Synology DS423 was released in Taiwan today on 15th March 2023. The new Synology DS423 is a powerful and versatile network-attached storage solution that is perfect for both home and business use. The predecessor DS418 featured RTD1296 processor. With its new Realtek RTD1619B processor, this device […]

MikroTik Launches Versatile CRS510-8XS-2XQ-IN 100 Gigabit Switch

MikroTik Launches Versatile CRS510-8XS-2XQ-IN 100 Gigabit Switch

MikroTik, a Latvian network equipment manufacturer, has unveiled a new addition to its line of 100 Gigabit switches – the CRS510-8XS-2XQ-IN. The new switch boasts a combination of two 100 Gigabit QSFP28 ports and eight 25 Gigabit SFP28 ports, making it a versatile fit for almost any server room or setup. The CRS510 also supports […]

New Synology RS2423+​ , SA3410 , SA3610 and expansion unit RX1223RP

New Synology RS2423+​ , SA3410 , SA3610 and expansion unit RX1223RP

Exciting news for tech enthusiasts and businesses alike, as the latest NAS and expansion units are now available in the market. The new models include the RackStation RS2423+ and RS2423RP+, as well as the RX1223RP expansion unit. The RS2423+ and RS2423RP+ boast impressive specs with an AMD Ryzen V1780B CPU and 8GB DDR4 ECC UDIMM […]

Synology to introduce HAT3300 Plus Series Hard drives

Synology PLUS NAS Hard Drives – The HAT3300 Series For those who have been following the world of network Attached Storage (NAS) and more precisely, the developments of Synology, it might not come as a huge surprise that the brand is now in the process of rolling out a new series of HAT3300 Hard Drives […]

QNAP Launches New Security Vulnerability Reward Program, Offering up to $20,000

QNAP Launches New Security Vulnerability Reward Program, Offering up to $20,000

QNAP, a leading provider of storage, networking, and computing solutions, has announced the launch of its QNAP Security Vulnerability Reward Program. The program aims to actively protect information security and ensure network security by inviting global information security experts and researchers to participate in creating a more secure network environment and storage services. The QNAP […]

Synology SAT5210-7000G 7TB SATA 2.5inch SSD now available

Synology, the leading provider of network-attached storage (NAS) solutions, has recently released its latest solid-state drive (SSD) model, the SAT5210-7000G. With a massive storage capacity of 7 terabytes, this new SSD model provides users with an impressive amount of space to store their data. Compared to previous Synology SSD models, the SAT5210-7000G boasts significant improvements […]

Unleash the speed with the DS1823xs+ 8-Bay NAS: Boasting 10GbE and NVMe Storage Pools

Synology has just announced the release of their latest addition to the XS series, the DS1823xs+. This new model features an impressive 8-bay storage server, making it a great option for businesses and individuals who require high-performance data storage and sharing. The DS1823xs+ boasts a whopping 3,100/2,600 MB/s sequential read/write performance, making it ideal for […]

Finally, a 6-Bay USB3.2 DAS Box: Meet TerraMaster’s D6-320

Breaking news! The new D6-320 6-bay USB 3.2 Gen2 10Gbps External Hard Disk Enclosure has been released and it’s set to revolutionize the storage industry! With its high-speed capabilities, the D6-320 boasts a data transmission bandwidth of 10Gbps and can achieve read/write speeds of up to 1,030MB/s when all 6 hard drives are installed. But […]

Synology DS1823xs+ NAS Revealed

Synology DS1823xs+ 10GbE 8-Bay NAS Revealed Updated 19/02/23 – This article has been improved, with further information on the CPU and architecture of the device since it was published yesterday Ever wondered if Synology would ever release a 10GbE solution that was targeted at photo/video editors? A moderate-sized NAS, maybe 8 bays or so, expandable, […]