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Best 8-Bay NAS of the Year

A Guide to the Best 8-Bay NAS Drives to Buy Right Now If you have been looking at getting a NAS for your business, then I think it is safe to say that 8-Bay is where things get SERIOUS. Up until this point, most NAS system can typically fall into home use, budget use, small […]

Best 6-Bay NAS of the Year – 2022/2023

A Guide to the Best 6-Bay NAS Drives to Buy Right Now In the last 5 years or so, the popularity of 6-Bay NAS systems has skyrocketed! Up until that point, most users in the home/small-business market who were looking at desktop solutions would either settle for the modest 2/4 Bay scale of system, or […]

Best 2-Bay NAS of the Year – 2022/2023

A Guide to the Best 2-Bay NAS Drives to Buy Right Now When you are looking for a new data storage solution, chances are that in terms of cost vs storage, a 2 drive solution is pretty much a solid choice – especially for tech novices or those dipping their toes into owning their own […]

Amazon Prime Day Oct 2022 – Early Access Deals on Synology, QNAP, HDDs, SSDs, Cameras and Network Switches

Prime Day Bargains on NAS, Hard Drives, SSDs, Cameras and Network Equipment ANOTHER Amazon Prime Day in 2022? Yep, just a month before Black Friday kicks off and Amazon has decided to host an impromptu 2nd in-house sale event beginning on Tuesday 11th Oct until midnight on Wednesday 12th Oct (in 15 countries; Austria, Canada, […]

QNAP TS-453E NAS – Power Consumption Tests

How Much Does it Cost to Run a NAS 24×7? QNAP TS-453E The growing cost of electricity and how much you need to factor this into your budget is quite a valid concern. Due to any one of about a hundred different global factors (local conflict, slow renewable energy uptake, monopolizing energy companies with powerful […]

QNAP TS-453E NAS Plex Media Server Tests – 4K and 1080p

How Well Does the QNAP TS-453E NAS Perform as a Plex Media Server? The QNAP TS-453E NAS Drive serves as an interesting desktop release in the brand’s portfolio. Arriving with a hardware architecture that is similar to the slightly more expensive TS-464, but with the hardware inside geared less towards expandability and more towards day […]

QNAP TS-410E Plex Media Server NAS 4K & 1080p Tests

How Well Does the QNAP TS-410E NAS Perform as a Plex Media Server? Today’s article is about how well the new QNAP TS-410E 4 Bay Silent NAS performs as a Plex Media Server when confronted with a range of 1080p and 4K multimedia. The appeal of accessing all the movies, boxsets, music and home movies […]

RAID 0 vs RAID 5 vs RAID 6 – WD Red Pro 22TB and QNAP NAS 10GbE Tests

QNAP TS-464 NAS 10GbE RAID 0/5/6 Testing with the WD Red Pro 22TB HDDs When you buy a new NAS and drives, one of the most important long-term decisions that you will make is choosing your RAID level. A RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is the process of combining multiple media drives together into […]