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Terramaster NAS Devices Being Attacked By Deadbolt Ransomware

Deadbolt Ransomware Attacking NAS Drives Again – This time it is Terramaster It pains me to make this post, but yes, Deadbolt ransomware has once again attacked NAS drives and this time the target is Terramaster devices. Although exact details on the attack vector of this ransomware are yet to be confirmed (though I will […]

Asustor NAS Drives getting hit by Deadbolt Ransomware

If you own an Asustor NAS and are reading this – CHECK IT NOW Original Article – As of around 1 hour ago, multiple users online are reporting that their Asustor NAS systems have been attacked by ransomware known as Deadbolt. Much like the ransomware attack of QNAP NAS systems of the same name, this […]

How do Asustor DeadBolt Ransomware works?

How do Asustor DeadBolt Ransomware works?   If you have EZ-connect turned on in your control panel, it seems to have crept in that way – also shows the danger of having your NAS accessible over public internet either directly or via reverse proxy, apparently … apparently, this causes /usr/webman/portal/index.cgi to change to a version […]

How to secure Qnap NAS for access over the Internet

Actions to take If you NAS must be directly connected to the Internet If, at the discretion of individual users, QNAP NAS is directly connected to the Internet, we recommend the following steps to strengthen your device and to decrease the chance of being penetrated: Put QNAP NAS behind your router and firewall. Do not […]

How Safe are QNAP NAS in 2022? Ransomware & Security

Are QNAP NAS Drives Safe Enough to Use in 2022? Are you a QNAP NAS owner? Perhaps you are considering buying a QNAP NAS based on a recommendation from a friend, work colleague, IT professional or even myself (Robbie) on YouTube. The appeal of owning your own server, cutting the connection with your subscription cloud […]

QNAP NAS Attacked By DeadBolt Ransomware

New QNAP Attack Emerges in the last 24hrs, the Deadbolt Ransomware UPDATED 28/01/22 – QNAP has instigated a forced-push firmware update to NAS devices to upgrade their systems to version (the 23/12/21 update), which will override systems that have their update settings set to ‘Do not automatically update’. This will almost certainly change a […]

Terramaster NAS Drives Being Attacked By Ransomware

Terramaster NAS Devices Being Targetted by Ransomware – IMPORTANT If you are a current Terramaster NAS user, then immediately log into your system and check that your data is in order. In a little over the last week, numerous users have been reporting that their TNAS systems have been hit by ransomware attacks (bearing similarity […]