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Synology 2024 NAS – Confirmed Releases, Rumours & Predictions

EVERYTHING We Know About Synology NAS Hardware and Software for 2023-2024 Synology has always been the ‘Apple’ of the NAS industry, approaching the launch of their newest hardware/software releases with a sense of gravitas and importance (global launch events, hosted digital streams, etc) that is only matched by the sheer blanket of secrecy they maintain […]

Compatible NVMe for Synology DS923+ and other models

Compatible NVMe for Synology DS923+   Compatible M.2 NVME SS for caching When choosing NVMe for caching you need to look at reliability ratings such as DWPD/MTBF. Here are a few on the list Caching means a lot of read and write operations, unlike regular storage situation. You would need to look at models […]

Synology 2023/2024 Q&A – Synology Play, New Cameras, AI, WireGuard, DSM 8.0, Deadbolt and More

Synology 2023/2024 Q&A with Taiwan Headquarters – Your Questions Answered Synology have always been largely considered to be the market leader in the world of network attached storage (NAS) and more often than not the decisions that make in their range of hardware/software solutions tend to be of tremendous interest to their growing global user […]

Synology NAS and M.2 NVMe SSD Storage Pools – FINALLY!

M.2 NVMes Use as Storage Pools Coming to Synology NAS and DSM EXCELLENT news for anyone that has been following the Synology NAS platform and DSM for the last few years, with the apparent reveal that Synology are intending to officially allow the use of M.2 NVMe SSDs as Storage Pools on their newest generation […]

Synology 2022 Event Review – EVERYTHING Covered in SRM 1.3, Routers, Mac Support, DSM 7.1, New NAS, C2, Photos and Surveillance

Review of the Synology 2022 Event – Everything Synology Revealed It’s that time again, almost as regular as clockwork, with the return of the annual Synology event. Synology has been extraordinarily business and enterprise-focused throughout this year, with numerous significant updates in services on their C2 cloud platform, Cloud assisted services and (of course) the […]