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Best QNAP 2-Bay NAS – 2020

Choosing the Best QNAP 2-Bay NAS Drive you Need If you have been looking for the right NAS to store all those valuable gigabytes of data and have even a pinch of computer knowledge, then chances are that you have been looking at QNAP NAS. Even now as you read this sentence, you have created […]

QNAP TS-228A NAS Review

Is the New Cost-Effective QNAP TS-228A worth your time? What the TS-228A can do: 4K Playback DLNA Support Apple TIme Machine Support Surveillance including 4 camera licences and supporting 16 cameras at once iTunes Server Snapshot Support (previously the memory requirement was 4GB, but now reduced to 1GB) email server Download server (FTP, HTTP, BT,NZB) […]

QNAP TS-228A PLEX Installation Guide – Step by Step

How to Install Plex on the QNAP TS-228A NAS As you may have heard, support for the Plex media server application on the QNAP TS-228A NAS has now been made possible. This long overdue update to the Plex media server software so it will run on Realtek processor NAS devices, has taken more than half […]