The WD My Cloud Pro PR2100 Power Plex NAS Unboxing and Walkthrough

WD Release their Plex Specialized NAS with the WD My Cloud Pro PR2100 NAS

the-synology-ds716ii-vs-wd-my-cloud-pro-pr2100-the-synology-v-wd-plex-nas-comparison-6The core of team collaboration, with space to keep virtually everything, the My Cloud Pro Series offers your creative team the network storage to edit, save and share production files from anywhere with an internet connection. Compatible with both Mac and PC, you’re able to protect your content regardless of OS. And with all photos, videos and files organized in one place, your team has all it needs to streamline its creative workflow.Storage to organize everything with high capacity network storage, as you get the space you need to keep all your shots organized in one spot. Combined with a quad core Intel Pentium N3710 processor and 4GB of RAM, you can seamlessly stream HD videos or share content with multiple users. Keep your production files, .RAW photos, or final mixes in a single place and ready for access with the My Cloud Pro Series.

Aside from it being a Good Plex Media Server, why else would you buy the WD PR2100 NAS Server?

PR2100 BACK WITH PORTS DUAL psu wd nasAs well as being perfectly suited to a Plex Media Server environment, the unit also boast the following features for everyday NAS use:

  • Can be used for Backup Images on both Windows and with Mac via Apple Time Machine
  • DLNA Certified, meaning the media held inside can be accessed by a console, Smart TV, Amazon firestick, Chromecast and more as needed.
  • Supports migration with 3rd Party Cloud Services both too and from the WD NAS
  • Supports JBOD, RAID 0 and RAID  Configuration
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac Environments and can be used to communicate between the two
  • Multiple IOS and Android Apps available
  • Multi-Lingual Language Support for ease of use worldwide
  • Uses a EXT 4 internal File System which can be viewed and accessed on all platforms easily
  • Low power, hibernation and fan control modes as needed for those that are green-keen or noise aware

What else makes the WD My Cloud Pro PR2100 NAS such a big deal?

PR2100 BACK WITH PORTS DUAL psu wd nas Western digital have been in the market of data storage for decades now. As well as this they are the manufacturers of arguably the most popular NAS Drive for NAS Servers in homes and businesses worldwide – The WD Red NAS series. With that kind of market pedigree, it is only expected that their entries into the NAS server market are popular. This latest WD My Cloud NAS includes a great deal of popular features, both new and old, that only continue to highlight the suitability and ease of their new NAS.

  • Dual LAN ports on the rear to effectively double uploads and downloads to the  device via Link Aggregation
  • USB 3.0 Ports throughout so you can connect external media via USB sticks, portable drives and more and back up to and from the device via a single touch of a button
  • Multiple App support meaning this NAS can function in a more task focused way with applications like Milestone, Plex Media Server and more
  • Dual PSU ports on the rear meaning that you can connect a 2nd redundant PSU power brick, available to buy from us and have a fall back power supplier in case the original fails
  • Hard Drives included and pre-RAID’d as needed
  • Low noise and low power use
  • VERY compact design, meaning that it will fit in smaller locations
  • An Intel Pentium CPU and 4GB of DDR3 Memory mean that this WD NAS Server provides excellent hardware support and power for almost any NAS solution required of it in your home or office
  • AES 256bit data encryption mean that your data is as safe as houses both inside and outside of the device

All in all the WD My Cloud Pro 2100 is one of the most impressive 2-Bay NAS devices I have seen yet and easily in my top 5 NAS devices for 2017.

Image result for 4.5 STARS

The WD My Cloud Pro PR2100 Plex NAS Server is available, pre-populated or empty so you can use your own HDD Media. See below


WD PR2100 Empty Plex WD NAS Server


WD PR2100 4-12TB Plex WD NAS Server



How and where do I sign up for Plex? How much does Plex Cost?

The Plex Application for your NAS, Mac, PC, Android device is free and available in the NAS App store, iTunes and Google Playstore at no additional cost, though the free apps, though serving as an excellent introduction, will soon feel limited and we advise that if you upgrade to the Plex Pass subscription service for vastly improved options and add-ons. To begin setting up your Plex Media Server, you will need to head over to Plex and set up your account (use the below link) so you can have all your movie, TV show, music, and photo collections at your fingertips. Anywhere you go, on the devices you love.


If however you wish to skip straight to the good stuff and set up your Plex Pass Membership immediately so you can get your Plex Media Server at 100%, use the link below to take walk you through setting up your Plex Pass today!

PLex Pass for your NAS Mac PC Android Roku Chromecast Amazon fire Media 2