Choosing the Perfect NAS for your Plex Media Server in 2017

Setting up your first Plex Media Server NAS

Have you ever heard of Plex? Of course you have! So, you have made the big decision and want to put all your media (Films, music and photos alike) in a network enabled device so you can access them from any TV, computer or phone, either at home or traveling; in fact anywhere in the WORLD. However the entire task can appear quite daunting to those who are less versed in the wonderful world of data storage and the learning curve quite steep.

Why is Plex so popular with NAS buyers?

To assist in this arena, many companies have delved into the service of helping you share your data. Chief among them is Plex. Giving you the ability to not only share all of your data to more devices than any other service, they will also fill in the blanks in your catalogue. Providing thumbnails, filling in descriptions and sorting your digital media files with a far more pleasing user interface. Think of the likes of Amazon Instant, Netflix and Video-on-Demand (VOD) services; they are just a small bite of what Plex Media Server can do for you.

The first step to building a Plex Media Server on a NAS, is choosing the right NAS. Not all Network Attached Storage devices are suitable for a Plex Media Server. Below are some NAS devices that can provide a great Plex Media Server Experience.

      Home Multimedia Server
A Plex NAS for those that do not require much access outside the home, so transcoding of Media is not required

The WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra 4TB NAS Unboxing, Walkthrough and Talkthrough 2 ds216play small Qnap Silent NAS HS-251+ 2-Bay, RAID 0/1 (2GB RAM) The Synology DS416PLAY NAS Unboxing, Walkthrough and Talkthrough with SPAN 1
WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra  Synology DS216PLAY QNAP HS-251+ Synology DS416PLAY
£126 ex.VAT £190 ex.VAT £256 ex.VAT £317 ex.VAT
      Access Anywhere Multimedia Server
For those that require access inside and outside the home and some transcoding will be required

The Synology DS916+ Unboxing, Walkthrough and Talkthrough 1 qnap-ts-453a-perfect-plex-surveillance-and-vm-nas-featuring-4k-transcoding The Synology DS716+II vs WD My Cloud Pro PR2100 - The Synology V WD Plex NAS Comparison ds716+ small
Synology DS916+ QNAP TS-453A WD My Cloud Pro PR2100 Synology DS716+II
£450 ex.VAT £399 ex.VAT £355 ex.VAT £340 ex.VAT
      All-Purpose, Multi-User Multimedia Server
The ultimate Plex Media Server experience with full HD transcoding anywhere as well as 4K Transcoding natively outside of Plex

the-qnap-tvs-473-tvs-673-and-tvs-873-gold-series-nas-update-release-and-price-1 The Synology DS3617xs 12-Bay Desktop Enterprise Desktop NAS Walkthrough and Talkthrough 1 the-qnap-tvs-1282t3-tvs-1282t2-i7-12-bay-84-bay-thunderbolt-3-and-thunderbolt-2-nas-4 NetGear ReadyNAS 628X 10GbE RN628X00-100NES 8-Bay Business Desktop NAS, RAID-0/1/5/6/X-RAID2, Diskless
QNAP TVS-473 Synology DS3617xs QNAP TVS-1282 Netgear ReadyNAS 628X
£880 ex.VAT £1830 ex.VAT £2149 ex.VAT £1431 ex.VAT
      How to Setup a Free Plex Account Today 
get plex pass
 The Plex Application for your NAS, Mac, PC, Android or iOS device is free and available in the NAS App store, iTunes and Google Play store at no additional cost. The free apps are an excellent introduction, but will soon feel limited; we advise that you upgrade to the Plex Pass subscription service for vastly improved options and add-ons. To begin setting up your Plex Media Server, you will need to head over to Plex and set up your account (use the below link) so you can have all your movie, TV show, music, and photo collections at your fingertips. Anywhere you go, on the devices you love. Create_a_Plex_Account_today_with_your_NAS_server_app