The Synology DS918+ 4-Bay and DS718+ 2 Bay NAS is at Computex

HUGE NEWS – Synology unveil their new 2-Bay and 4-Bay, Synology DS918+ and DS718+

Anyone who has even the smallest knowledge of NAS will have heard of the giants of Network Attached Storage, Synology inc. Their home and business series of NAS Server devices are the go-to devices for those looking for their first, second or tenth NAS device.

2 months ago they released their 5 and 8 Bay flagship models and many users were a little underwhelmed by the specs and the improvements on their predecessors. However now at Computex 2017 we at NASCompares are pleased to uncover the new Synology DS718+ 2-Bay expandable NAS and the new 4-Bay Synology DS918+ Expandable NAS.

These will server as follow ups to the already highly popular DS716+II and DS916+ NAS released 12-18 months ago and although only small amounts of information are currently available, we can confirm the following.

DS918+ and DS718+
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What are the specs of the Synology DS918+ and DS718+ Synology NAS?

Below are the specs we know so far about the new DS918+ NAS and DS718+ NAS for 2017/18:

DS918+ and DS718+ Closer
The Synology DS918+ The Synology DS718+
4-Bay NAS 2-Bay NAS
Expandable to 9 HDD/SSD bays with the DX517 Expandable to 7 HDD/SSD bays with the DX517
Intel Celeron J3455 processor

Quad Core 1.5GHz (Burst to 2.3GHz)

Intel Celeron J3455 processor

Quad Core 1.5GHz (Burst to 2.3GHz)

4/8GB DDR3 Memory  2/8GB DDR3 Memory
USB 3.0 x3 USB 3.0 x3
Front Mounted USB-Copy Button Front Mounted USB-Copy Button
Dual 9mm Fans (Controllable)  Single 9mm Fans (Controllable)
 Tooless Trays  Tooless Trays
 Compatible with the latest 10TB HDD  Compatible with the latest 10TB HDD

Where can I pre-order the DS918+ and DS718+ and when will it be released?