The WD My Cloud Pro PR2100 Power Plex NAS Unboxing and Walkthrough

WD Release their Plex Specialised NAS with the WD My Cloud Pro PR2100 NAS

With space to keep virtually everything, the My Cloud Pro Series offers your creative team the network storage to edit, save and share production files from anywhere with an internet connection. Compatible with both Mac and PC, you’re able to protect your content regardless of OS. And with all photos, videos and files organized in one place, your team has all it needs to streamline its creative workflow.

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Storage to organize everything

With high capacity network storage, you get the space you need to keep all your shots organized in one spot. Combined with a quad core Intel Pentium N3710 processor and 4GB of RAM, you can seamlessly stream HD videos or share content with multiple users. Keep your production files, .RAW photos, or final mixes in a single place and ready for access with the My Cloud Pro Series.

The WD My Cloud Pro PR2100 Plex NAS Server is available, pre-populated

PR2100 Empty Plex WD NAS Server – product/WD-My-Cloud-Pro-PR2100-WDBBCL0000NBK-EESN-Retail-NAS-Server-RAID-0-1-Empty~58798

PR2100 8TB Plex WD NAS Server product/WD-My-Cloud-Pro-PR2100-WDBBCL0080JBK-EESN-Retail-NAS-Server-RAID-0-1-2xHD-8TB~58800

PR2100 4TB Plex WD NAS Server product/WD-My-Cloud-Pro-PR2100-WDBBCL0040JBK-EESN-Retail-NAS-Server-RAID-0-1-2xHD-4TB~58799

PR2100 16TB Plex WD NAS Server product/WD-My-Cloud-Pro-PR2100-WDBBCL0160JBK-EESN-Retail-NAS-Server-RAID-0-1-2xHD-16TB~58802

PR2100 12TB Plex WD NAS Server product/WD-My-Cloud-Pro-PR2100-WDBBCL0120JBK-EESN-Retail-NAS-Server-RAID-0-1-2xHD-12TB~58801

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