The QNAP TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT Brand New Thunderbolt 3 NAS

New TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT Thunderbolt and 10GBe NAS from QNAP

First off, let’s get it out of the way – the QNAP TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT are a big, BIG deal. In terms of sheer innovation, you would be hard pushed to find a stronger brand than QNAP. In recent years we have seen genuine industry defining hardware releases and incredibly designed means to make your data accessible as organically and fluidly as possible. Of all of these developments, the real jewel in their crown is their range of Thunderbolt NAS devices. Since the release of their first TVS-871T Thunderbolt NAS back in late 2015, we have seen them develop Thunderbolt 2 and 3 NAS into an industry-defining piece of kit. Providing content creators across the world the ability to make previously network only accessible network attached storage accessible by thunderbolt connectivity by multiple users at once. Reshaping studio and broadcast media workflow for the better, there have been several versions of this thunderbolt NAS technology since it’s the first release (the older TS-453BT3 and TVS-882ST3 to name a few) each more tailored to fit a distinct workflow. Now in 2018/19, we have been informed of the very latest Thunderbolt 3 NAS to be released, the Thunderbolt 3 and 10Gbe enabled TVS-x72XT range, arriving in 4, 6 and 8-Bay. So, let’s find if why/if you should be excited?

What is the TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT Thunderbolt NAS?

The high-performance QNAP TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT NAS with the 8th generation Intel® CoreTM processor features 10GBASE-T and ThunderboltTM 3 dual-network high-speed connectivity, and plenty of bandwidth for simultaneous processing of multiplexed tasks, smooth transfer, playback and Online editing of 4K videos and coping with related workloads, with M.2 SSD cache acceleration data access and PCIe expansion graphics card, perfect for high-speed sharing of efficient collaboration environment. The TVS-872XT has better specifications, fuller performance, full multimedia functions, and flexible expansion of storage space and NAS applications, so that you can inspire more creativity and work more in your work and life!

Details on the TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT Thunderbolt  and 10GBe

The QNAP TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT features the 8th generation Intel Core CPU and DDR4 dual-channel memory (expandable to 32 GB) for superior system performance. It has 2 Gigabit and 10GBASE-T network ports (supports 10G/5G/2.5G/1G/100M five-speed transmission) and supports SATA 6Gb/s hard disk transmission interface even in AES 256-bit NAS. When the machine encryption is accelerated, it still provides excellent data reading and writing speed. The TVS-x72XT’s Thunderbolt 3 not only enables faster file transfer, but also connects to USB Type-C external hard drive devices, supporting USB 3.1 Gen2 up to 10 Gb/s transfer rate, allowing you to use the USB interface. Quickly complete large-scale transmission such as audio and video media, which is more widely used, more efficient, and very convenient.

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What makes the TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT Thunderbolt 3 NAS different?

Although this is not the first Thunderbolt 3 NAS from QNAP, the TVS-472XT 4-BayTVS-672XT 6-Bay and TVS-872XT 4-Bay are the very latest and benefit from being the result of QNAP testing many ideas in NAS previously. The result is that the QNAP TVS-x72XT range removes many of the unnecessary features featured before and maintains/strengthens the ones that users need. Likewise, the new 8th generation Intel CPU (detailed below) and latest revisions of both hardware and software mean that this is not only the most recent thunderbolt NAS you can buy, but also the most powerful! For those looking to editing multiple works with popular programs such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier and Lightroom will be highly recommended to consider this device when released.

Like other top-tier Thunderbolt 2/3 QNAP NAS, the TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT all enable multiple users to simultaneously edit work live on the NAS over Thunderbolt 3 and 10Gbe, whilst you NAS Is still network and internet accessible to hundreds of users – ALL at the same time. What makes the TVS-x72xt QNAP NAS range better than it’s predecessors is that thanks to that much abler CPU and tweaks in software releases mean it has a much more balance floating point for supporting all those users at once. Finally, the QNAP TVS-x72XT and i7 CPU represent the most equipped and proficient NAS QNAP have ever released, there is genuinely nothing in modern NAS that it cannot do!

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QNAP TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT NAS and NVMe SSD

In addition to enabling high-performance 2.5 SSD to enable the cache function, the TVS-472XT 4-BayTVS-672XT 6-Bay and TVS-872XT 4-Bay has two built-in M.2 SSD dedicated ports, allowing you to install a lightweight 2280-size PCIe (Gen 3 x2, 2 GB/s) NVMe SSD.

M.2 SSD cache acceleration, more agile data access
Enable SSD cache to improve disk random access performance and reduce I/O latency. For applications that require a high level of IOPS (eg, database, virtualization), the system can be significantly more efficient.

Qtier’s automatic tiered storage maximizes SSD benefits.
QtierTM technology enables flexible/hot data to move between M.2 SSD, 2.5 SSD and 3.5 high-capacity HDD for increased performance and storage economics. QtierTM 2.0 supports IO Aware, which enables the SSD layer that stores key data to have the ability to simulate cache space, maximizing the value of high-priced SSDs and improving storage cost performance.

HDMI 2.0a on the QNAP TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT NAS

The TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT NAS high specification provides HDMI 2.0a output, supporting ultra-high resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160) @60Hz for more detail. It is extremely practical for applications such as audio/video production/editing, industrial design, and professional photography units that rely on sophisticated image and color performance while requiring intensive processing of multimedia access and playback. You can view your movie clip masterpiece directly on HDTV, or enjoy the audio and video files stored in TVS-x72XT; you can also download the rich audio and video application in Ubuntu® Software Center on Linux Station, or use HD on HD Station. Player or third-party player (such as Plex Home Theater), with QNAP RM-IR004 remote control (additional purchase), enjoy a great audio-visual feast on the big screen.

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What are the specifications of the QNAP TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT NAS?

Aside from the previously mentioned 8th Gen Intel i3, i5 and i7 CPU, the TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT NAS arrive with an impressive array of hardware on offer. All to often users will focus on the Thunderbolt 3 connectivity and not take a serious look at what else you get with your QNAP NAS. I am pleased to say that the QNAP TVS-x72XT features every single modern and popular hardware innovation that QNAP has ever featured (with the exception of SSD 2.5″ bays, but counted with m.2 SSD instead). They are as follows: 

CPU+Memory for TVS-472XT Intel® Pentium® Gold G5400T Dual Core 3.1 GHz Processor
Processor Architecture: 64-bit
Graphics: Intel® UHD Graphics 6104GB UDIMM DDR4
CPU+Memory for TVS-672XT Intel® CoreTM i3-8100T Quad Core 3.1 GHz Processor
Processor Architecture: 64-bit
Graphics: Intel® UHD Graphics 6108GB UDIMM DDR4
CPU+Memory for TVS-872XT Intel® CoreTM i5-8400T six-core 1.7 GHz processor with clock speed up to 3.3 GHz
processor architecture: 64-bit
graphics: Intel® UHD Graphics 61016GB UDIMM DDR4
Encryption acceleration engine  (AES-NI)
Maximum expandable memory 32 GB ( 2 x 16 GB)
Number of memory slots 2 x SO-DIMM DDR4
(paired DDR4 memory of the same speed, capacity, and die type required for two or four DIMM configurations)
Flash memory 4 GB (Dual boot OS protection)
Number of supported hard disks 4/6/8 x 3.5 ” SATA 6 Gbps hard drive, hot swappable
Support for hard disk type 3.5 ” hard disk slot
. 3.5 ” SATA hard drive
. 2.5 ” SATA hard drive
. 2.5 ” SATA solid state drive
M.2 SSD 埠 2 M.2 PCIe (Gen3 x2) NVMe SSD ports supporting 2280 interface
Thunderbolt 埠 2 x Thunderbolt 3 transmission埠
10 Gigabit Ethernet 埠 1 x 10GBASE-T RJ45, support 10G/5G/2.5G/1G/100M Five-speed

Note: Please use CAT6a or CAT 7 network route (additional) to achieve 10GbE transmission speed

Gigabit Ethernet埠 2 x RJ45
PCIe expansion slot Slot 1: PCIe Gen3 x16 (CPU)
Slot 2: PCIe Gen3 x4 (PCH)Note: Slot 1 is pre-installed with a Thunderbolt 3 network expansion card
USB port 1 x USB 3.0
2 x Type-C USB 3.1 Gen2 10Gbps
2 x Type-A USB 3.1 Gen2 10Gbps
HDMI output埠 1 x HDMI 2.0a, highest resolution 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD @60Hz
Source • 2 x 3.5 mm dynamic microphone jack
• 1 x 3.5 mm line-out jack
• 1 x speakerNote: Speaker and line-out jack cannot be used at the same time
Infrared (IR) receiver , support QNAP RM-IR004 remote control
LED indicator Hard Disk 1-8, Status, Network, USB, M.2 SSD 1-2
Button Power, reset, USB one-button backup

QNAP TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT Internal Hardware

The TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT use a familiar, yet modified version of the standard TS-x72X chassis and with have really managed to cram ALOT of hardware advantages in. The QNAP TVS-x72XT NAS features:

  • 3 CPU Available, 6-Core Intel i5-8400T 1.7GHz, 4-Core Intel i3-8100T 3.1GHz and Dual-Core Intel Pentium G5400T 3.1GHz
  • Memory options currently listed as 4GB, 8GB and 16GB of DDR4
  • NVMe M.2 SSD Slots

4-Bay £TBC


6-Bay £TBC


8-Bay £TBC

QNAP TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT External Hardware

The QNAP TVS-x72XT chassis features a real tour-de-force of connectivity too. Aside from the much-desired thunderbolt 3 connectivity, all three of the TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT NAS feature the following:


  • LCD Panel to provide real-time information of your storage hardware
  • 4/6/8 Click and load HDD/SSD Trays for your RAID-enabled storage
  • Front mounted USB 3.1 Gen 2 Port featuring 10Gb/s connectivity – VERY Interesting
  • Two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Ports
  • 10Gbe 10GBASE-T Connectivity
  • 2x 1Gbe LAN ports that support link aggregation
  • Audio in/out ports for multimedia connectivity
  • HDMI 2.0a Port
  • Rear mounted speaker for real-time notification, media playback and important alerts
  • IR remote Support (remote likely purchased separately or use the free QRemote app for iOS and Android)
  • 5 USB Ports – USB 3.1 Gen 2 and Gen 1
  • 2 PCIe slots (1 occupied by the TB3 Card)
  • 2x USB-C Ports for 10Gb External Drives

What are the connections of the QNAP TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT Thunderbolt NAS?

Thanks to an extensive range of connections, the QNAP TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT provide an impressive depth of connectivity. Not only can you access your data over Thunderbolt 3or connect the device to an existing 10Gbe or 1Gbe network (allowing hundreds of users to access the TVS-x72XT NAS), but thanks to the new and improved Network and Virtual Switch management system, you can control the prioritising of data inside your device via a single management interface. The latest release of the Virtual Switch application has made managing your network considerably easier and has even achieved the near-impossible by making network management and port control easy for even an IT noob to navigate.

The ability to combine 10GBe networking and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity is hard to overstate, especially when you use the virtual switch software to allow any/all connected Thunderbolt 3 Mac/Windows devices to use the NAS as a pass-thru to give them access to your 10Gbe office/home network. Combine this with the virtualization and container support of QTS and you have an incredibly functional, powerful and agile storage platform with a brain of its own.

4K, Plex and Multimedia on the QNAP TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT Thunderbolt 3 NAS?

It is not overstating the fact to say that the TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT Thunderbolt 3 server provides one of the highest levels of 4K and Multimedia support available on the entire QNAP NAS platform! With 4K Media playback of H.264 and H.265 media, at high bitrates and 6FPS with relative ease. Watching media on devices that cannot handle that kind of media format? Fear not as the 8th generation Intel processor found in the QNAP TVS-x72XT provides hardware transcoding of both 4K and 1080p media natively to convert your media on the fly to any modern/old format easily. Along with this, you will have insane Plex media server and plex transcoding support for those looking at the TVS-x72XT as a PMS. Exact CPU/Memory use of the NAS for plex will be confirmed in testing closer to release.

What will be the cost of the QNAP TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT TB3 NAS?

The exact price of the TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT is yet to be confirmed, but we are expecting a price point a fraction similar to that of the TVS-682T, TVS-882T and TVS-1282T. Although the newer TVS-x72XT series arrives with a few external hardware options removed, the internal hardware and especially that newer, more powerful CPU will leverage the price accordingly and I think it will land in a similar price-point. We will, of course, highlight the prices to you as they become available and we recommend you subscribe to stay up to date.

When will the QNAP TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT NAS be released?

Given the lateness of the year for an announcement, I think it unlikely that we will see the release of the TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT  NAS in 2018. If you need a Thunderbolt NAS to improve your workflow urgently (or even in the next 3-4 months), then I would strongly recommend the TVS-x82T series or the TS-453BT3 (for those on a tighter budget). Otherwise, I think the TVS-x72XT NAS series will be big in 2019 and if QNAP can get that price-point right, we will see this fast becoming the dominant thunderbolt 3 NAS of the year!.

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    4 thoughts on “The QNAP TVS-472XT, TVS-672XT and TVS-872XT Brand New Thunderbolt 3 NAS

    1. Thank you for reply , i hope (and sure) when this NAS model is out , you can present and speak a little about this upgrade for CPU. I have been seen more successful CPU upgrades will Intel CPU than AMD for Qnap NAS. One again thank you very much.

    2. Hi, why is for all 3 models the Graphics (Intel UHD Graphics 610) is same ?
      Intel Pentium Gold G5400T – Intel UHD Graphics 610
      Intel Core i3-8100T – Intel UHD Graphics 630
      Intel Core i5-8400T – Intel UHD Graphics 630
      Also i have read somewhere here (nascompares) what you mention it will be not problem to upgrade the CPU to i7 model cause it is same socket. So do you think it will possible for TVS-472XT or TVS-672XT upgrade to Intel Core i7-8700T ?
      Thank you.

      1. It is a guess. Once this NAS is out, people from the NAS community will test the possibility to upgrade the CPU. There have been many successful upgrades in the past.