Synology UC300 Unified Storage NAS for SERIOUS Business

Brand New Synology UC300 RackStation NAS for 2019

Synology has really been cultivating an awareness of business needs in the last few years and the newly announced Unified Controller NAS, the UC300 is potentially their finest example yet. As one of the biggest names in network attached storage (NAS) they already have a firm holding on the home marketing but it is only in the last two years that we have seen them really push genuinely innovative and usable first party business applications. Applications such as Active Backup, Virtual Machine Manager and Synology High Availability (SHA) are just a few and this software is further reinforced with the development of incredibly versatile hardware. The brand new Xeon equipped 12-Bay UC300 from Synology features everything you want in a business class NAS, with a few newly developed enterprise aware tricks up its sleeve!

What makes the Synology UC300 RackStation NAS Different from other RackStation NAS?

More than 25% of Synology enterprise users are currently using iSCSI services. To provide a more stable infrastructure, Synology has launched a new product line in the UC300 and it is the first iSCSI dedicated server with dual active controllers internally, with twin internal motherboards and each with its own PSU. The Active dual architecture allows enterprises users not to suffer disrupted service, in the event of a system critical event occurring (CPU failure, Memory burnout, PSU failure, motherboard damage, etc – basically the GAME OVER issues) the system has a whole second hardware system running in tandem and it automatically takes the primary lead. The result is that your RAID-enabled storage, that is already supported with a multitude of local/network/cloud backup options (as well as all the advantages of DiskStation Manager) is able to without a system-wide critical hit! That is the kind of hardware assurance that is almost unheard of in NAS. All the while the UC300 RackStation is providing well over 100,000 IOPS of high performance before, during and after a critical event (with all targets and locations unchanged from the hundred/thousands of connected users POV).

Who is the Synology UC300 Rackstation NAS targetted at?

The Synology UC300 RackStation is potentially their safest NAS yet and that should give you a clue as to its intended audience. If you are the kind of business that is worldwide and 24×7, the UC300 dual controller NAS is very much the device for you. If your company lives and dies by its data, involving hundreds of clients whose data is hosted for irregular access, then the multi-tiered critical error protection offered by the unified controller and dual PSU of the UC300 should be damn near irresistible. Finally, if you are the kind of user who has considered an uninterruptable Power supply (UPS) for business purposes, then you are already halfway towards a UC300 and if you are considering protection from power failure affecting your business storage, then just think about the damage a complete system-wide hardware failure would do? In this current age of the importance of data, the ease and reliability of access, and just how much people pay for hosting storage space, it is rather surprising that Synology didn’t enter the field of dual controller NAS sooner! Though to be fair, they have had the Synology High Availability (SHA) software architecture around for a while, this lets you pair identical Synology NAS systems to act as a dual controller system, externally. However, the UC300 is a much more affordable, sensible and easier to deploy physical realisation of this idea.

What are the Specifications of the Synology UC300 NAS?

Hardware specifications are very thin on the group at the moment regarding the UC300 Synology Rackstation, however, there are some details available. Check them out below and remember to bookmark the page/subscribe, as I will be updating them as I find out more.

  • Dual Internal Controller board to enable High availability in the event of hardware failure
  • Intel Xeon enabled (one on each controller board)
  • 16GB DDR4 per board, upgradable to 64GB on each
  • The DSM/OS is installed on twin modules on the modules to massively increase setup and aid the transition if the 2nd board is needed
  • 12-Bay NAS Supporting upto 14TB 3.5″ Bay HDD and the latest SATA 2.5″ SSD
  • Hugely Expandable
  • Multiple LED for System, Access and Storage Access
  • 4x RJ45 LAN Ports
  • PCIe Upgrade Slot
  • Numerous 10Gbe Ports
  • More Specs will be added as they become available

When will the Synology UC300 NAS be Released?

Synology very keen to keep details on the UC3000 Rackstation under wraps. A few details were leaked, such as the physical build, CPU and external rackmount chassis were revealed in highlights, but for the most part, we know sparse details. A release will almost certainly be the beginning of 2019 in Q1. This has always been a big reveal and release period for Synology and business hardware (tax year factor perhaps?) and we fully expect the UC300 Synology rackmount NAS released around then. However, as always, I recommend using the availability button below to check or bookmark this page as we add more updates.

How much will the Synology UC300 NAS cost?

As this is a 12 Bay Synology NAS, it could easily be compared in price with the likewise RS3618xs+ without media of £2500+, however, given that the UC300 Rackstation NAS features dual internal controller and is a much more high availability specialized device, then I think we will see prices in excess of £3500+ and much closer to that of the RS4017xs+. Of course, this is mere speculation and we will have a much clearer idea of the price of the Synology UC300 when further specifications are revealed and release date made clearer. For now, I recommend that you click the button below to confirm availability and more.

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