Synology NAS in 2019/2020 – Your Questions Answered

Why you should buy a Synology NAS in 2019 and 2020?

Those that have followed this blog for a while will know that one of the biggest brands that get’s mentioned is Synology NAS. With the end of 2019 fast approaching, we were lucky enough to be invited to the Synology UK headquarters and speak with the team about what is up and coming for 2020, as well as discuss their worldwide launch events happening in late August, through to October (kicking off in Taiwan). All in all, the interview lasted almost 30 minutes and although you can watch the whole thing on YouTube HERE, below I have broken down all the questions and their replies. It is also worth mentioning that these questions were made of YOUR questions from YouTube, so hopefully, this will help you guys decide on whether to buy a Synology NAS later in 2019 or in 2020. Also, do check the end of the article where I have detailed the dates and locations of the upcoming Synology Launch schedule.

Synology NAS 2020 – Your Questions Answered

The interview took place on 13/08/19 at the Milton Keynes head office and I was joined by Head of Business Development, Jeremie Francois, and Business Development Analyst, Fintan Bracken.

Why is Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) not available on Premium, or XS level NAS Devices?

Many users who have used, or like the idea of the fluid and drive changing system of Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) want to be able to use it on more enterprise-level units, we asked why this is not the case and if that will change.


Will the Synology FlashStation Loan/Trial be extended to other NAS Ranges?

With a growing interest in the try before you buy loan offer that Synology is extending to business users for its high IOPS flashstation series, I asked if this will be a service extended to other ranges, such as Rackstation or Diskstation.



Will the DVA3219 Synology Surveillance Smart AI/Deep Learning Features be available on other NAS devices in the future?

With some incredibly impressive AI powered services and software included with the new DVA3219 Surveillance NAS, I ask if any of those features are going to be possible on 2020 Diskstation NAS that does not feature GPU support.



What is Synology NAS doing to combat Ransomware and Malware attempts?

As NAS becomes more popular, we are seeing more malicious individuals turn their hacking attempts to NAS platforms. What is Synology doing to combat these attempted intrusions.



Are there plans for newer CPU in the Synology 2020 Series? Such as the Gemini Lake J4005, J4105 and J4115?

We have seen the Synology NAS Range feature the Intel C3538 and J3000 series alot in the last few generations, will we be seeing newer generation processors in newer potential DS220+, DS920+ and more?



Why does some Synology NAS have 2 Years Warranty and Other have 5 Years Warranty?

Users have noted that the Synology J and PLAY series feature 2 years of Warranty cover, whereas the PLUS series arrives with 3 and the XS and Flashstation have an impressive 5 years. What is the reason for this disparity?




Is Synology moving towards a more Software License based business model?

Despite the impressive and free to use Synology Active Backup Suite, users have noticed licences for exFAT, Camera licenses, areas of the Virtual Machine Manager and more. Why is this and Is this a trend that is going to continue?



Why does some Synology NAS have Memory limitations and why should users buy Official Synology Memory?

With official memory limits of 6GB on the DS218 and DS718+, as well as 8GB on the DS918+, despite users testing 16GB of unofficial memory ith preliminary success, why do Synology insist on this limits, and why is their own Synology Memory better for your NAS?



When will the Synology E10M20 10Gbe and NVMe SSD Cache PCIe card be Released?

This PCIe Gen 3 Upgrade card was first featured at the Synology Solution Exhibition in Taiwan, earlier in 2019 and was one of the most popular products featured. Will we see this 10Gbe (10GBASE-T) and 2x NVMe SSD Cache card be arriving soon and is there any further information available on it?



When will Synology DSM 7.0 be released and will there be a Beta soon?

With DSM 6.2.2 now being available, along with a host of beta applications for testing in the Beta Package section of App Center, will we see the release, or beta, of the next big update of Diskstation Manager in ver 7.0?



Will the Synology Drive Client for Mac feature File Streaming and On-Demand sync on finder?

One standout feature of the beta client application for Synology Drive on windows platforms was the ability to stream files in a much more user-friendly manner, as well as on-demand sync of files in the Drive windows explorer folder (pinning the most important files) as needed. Many users are asking if this client app logic (made possible with Windows own file streaming support with Office 365 and OneDrive) will be available on Mac Finder later in 2019?



Why should a business user in 2019/2020 buy a Synology NAS?

Despite a growing range of Rackstation, Flashstation, SAS based storage and XS devices in their portfolio to buy, as well as an impressive suite of applications that rival 3rd party alternatives (Synology Active Backup, Surveillance Station, Chat, Office, Drive, Moments, Mail, etc), some users still aren’t convinced about moving their data into a Synology NAS. Why should a business user choose Synology in 2019/2020?


When is the Synology NAS 2020 Launch Event?

Synology continues to meet and exceed expectations by driving superior user experiences while enabling the acceleration of business outcomes. From technologies that keep you on the front line to solutions that are already powering numerous businesses around the world, the Synology 2020 launch event will be the place to share your ideas and gain insights from others. Learn about new up and coming NAS Systems, and join 6,000+ enthusiasts and professionals worldwide at Synology 2020 event. See how Synology’s intelligent data management solutions can protect, accelerate, and transform your business.

Taipei – 2019 – 08 – 31- Register HERE

Berlin – 2019 – 09 – 03 – Register HERE

Utrecht – 2019 – 09 – 12 – Register HERE

New York City – 2019 – 09 – 18 – Register HERE

London – 2019 – 09 – 19  – Register HERE

Shanghai – 2019 – 09 – 20 – – Register HERE

Barcelona – 2019 – 10 – 22 – TBC

Paris – 2019 – 09 – 24  – Register HERE

Seoul – 2019 – 10 – 01 – Register HERE

Copenhagen – 2019 – 10 – 01 – TBC

Milan – 2019 – 10 – 01 –  TBC

Tokyo – 2019 – 10 – 15 – TBC

Where can I find out more about the New Synolgoy NAS Hardware and Software?

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